Patrick Vega's IQ is higher than Einstein's.  reveal details

Patrick Vega He is one of the most famous Polish directors, considering the last years of Polish cinema. Crowds of Poles watched his films “Botoks”, “Mafia Women”, “The Loop” and “Bad Boy” in theaters. Will it be the same with the “invisible war” that tells about the life of Patrick Vega? The trailer, which debuted on the director’s YouTube channel on September 5 this year, is sure to pump up the atmosphere. But the short video was seen … less than 3.5 thousand. times. There we learn what Patrick Vega’s IQ is. “I have (…) an IQ of 164” Actor Ravi Zawercha, who plays Patrick Vega in the film, says:

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IQ Patrick Vega

If this is true, it is worth mentioning With an IQ equal to or greater than 130 (on the Wechsler scale), you can become a member of Mensa (Associations that bring together people with high IQ). It belonged, inter alia, to the biologist, biochemist and bioinformatician Jacek Leluk or Doda, who once presented a document confirming the achievement of a high test result. On the other hand, the Nobel Prize-winning physicist, and perhaps the most famous scientist in the world, Albert Einstein, had an IQ of 162.

The trailer itself shows, among other things, a hot scene where the director is taking a shower with his wife This character is played by actress Justyna Karłowska In the bathtub, as well as riding a black Ferrari.

But what can viewers expect on September 30th (that’s when the movie premieres)? “It is neither a memorial to my personality nor a glorification. It is a film about the struggle between darkness and light in my life. Shows the mechanism of human struggle with darkness Admitted in February of this year. In an interview with “Super Express”.

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