“Erin’s department.”  A poignant story about preserving humanity in inhumane times

“Irina's Oath” is a true and poignant story about preserving humanity in the inhumane times of World War II. The story is based on the facts of the life of Irina Gott Opedek, who risked her life to save hidden Jews after the liquidation of the ghetto. The main roles will be played by stars of world cinema: Sophie Nélisse and Dougray Scott. The Polish-Canadian co-production crew also included: Andrzej Cwierin, Filip Kosior, Rafal Mohr, Eliza Recempel, Tomas Tyndek, Irina Melser, Erik Kolm Jr., Mateusz Mosiewicz, Rafał Maciej Nawrocki, Zuza Bławska, Krzysztof Szczepaniak, Aleksandar Milicevic and Agata Turcotte. The film's director is award-winning Louise Archambault, and cinematography is by Paul Sarossi. The screenplay was written by Dan Gordon, who is also the author of the play about Irina Gott-Opdeike, which won the hearts of New York audiences off-Broadway in 2008. The world premiere of the film was held at the 48th Toronto International Film Festival.

“Irina's Department” will soon be shown in cinemas

World War II continues. 19-year-old Irina (Sophie Nélisse) loses contact with her family in the midst of war. She was forced to work as a slave in a German munitions factory. Her situation improves when an SS major (Dougray Scott) comes to her attention. The man, infatuated with the assertive girl, notices that she is overworked and promotes her in the factory structure. Irina takes on new responsibilities in the kitchen, and later is also tasked with running a tailoring workshop where about a dozen Jews work. The heroine manages to overhear the conversation of the Germans, from which she learns about plans to liquidate the nearby ghetto and decides to find a way to rescue the workers under her supervision. A solution to the situation soon emerges – a young Polish woman is offered a job as a housekeeper on the Rogmer estate. Irina decides to take advantage of her employer's trust and hide the Jews who previously worked in the sewing factory in his house. But the conspiracy does not last long. Rogmer discovers Irina's secret and gives her an ultimatum that is difficult to accept.

In cinemas starting April 19.

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Genre: War drama

Production: Poland, Canada 2023

Dystrybucja: K&K Film Selekt/Quiver Distribution

Director: Louise Archambault (“Familia”, “Gabrielle”)

Photos: Paul Sarossi (“Exotica,” “Ararat,” “The Beautiful Tomorrow,” “The Borgia”)

Screenplay: Dan Gordon (“First Degree Murder,” “The Hurricane,” “Passenger 57”)

Cast: Sophie Nélis (“Mr. Azhar”, “Yellowjackets”, “The Book Thief”), Dougray Scott (“Mission: Impossible 2”, “The Vatican Tapes”, “Ripley's Game”), Maciej Nawrocki (“Night of “The Living”, “Suicide Room”, “1920. War and Love”), Andrei Sywerin (“The Last Family”, “Little Rose”, “Schindler's List”), Eliza Recemple (“Corpus Christi”, “The Promise” ), Tomas Tendik (“The Pianist”, “Weekend”), Aleksandar Milicevic (“Black Mercedes”, “Planeta Single 2”, “Planeta Single 3”), Agata Turcotte (“Wesley”, “Sawyer”), Filip Kosior (“Piłsudski”, “Gorzko, Bitterzko!”), Irina Melcer (“The Tenant”, “Afterimage”, “Aida”), Krzysztof Szczepaniak (“Stones for the Rampart”), Mateusz Mošević (“Against the Wind” ), Rafał Mohr (“Clergy”, “Pitbull”), Erik Kolm Jr. (“Philip”, “When the Wedding Is”), Rafał Makowiak (“33 Scenes from Life”, “Almost Dark Night”), Maciej Nawrocki ( (“Operation Dunaj” and “Other People”) and Zuza Puławska (“The Wedding” and “All for My Mother”).

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