Taika Waititi may create another “bull” that sets a new condition
Taika Waititi once announced that he would like to make a “Thor 5” movie, but only if Chris Hemsworth plays the lead role. What does he say now to promote his new film, “The First Goal”?

I have an open relationship with Marvel

Waititi commented on the case “Thora 5” In an interview with Business Insider. The journalist asked him about the rumors about the preparation of the fifth part of Thor’s adventures.

The manager replied that he did not know if this was true. However, if Marvel is actually really preparing “Thora 5”it will not be associated with it.

This doesn’t mean Waititi wouldn’t want to make another film about Thor’s adventures. However, he was only able to deal with it in six or seven years. If Marvel doesn’t want to wait that long, that’s fine by the director: I didn’t even think Marvel was cheating on me. I love Marvel, but I have an open relationship with them. If they want to meet other people, I don’t mind. “One day I’ll end up in bed with Marvel again,” the director said.

Why won’t Taika Waititi direct ‘Thor 5’ now?

Why would Waititi be able to make another film? “Thora” Only in six or seven years? As he explained to Business Insider reporters, he wants to Now pay attention to the projects he has already agreed to implement.

And there is little of it.

First of all, Taika Waititi is supposed to be calling the shots “star Wars”. However, this project is not very advanced yet. The director admitted that at the moment he is “soaking”.

The next movie he should make is him “Encroachment”. this will be A film adaptation of a French comic book written by Chilean director Alejandro Jodorowsky. Its action takes place in the distant future. A lowly private investigator, John Devol, obtains an extraordinary artifact – the Incal – on which the fate of the universe depends. Against his will, John is embroiled in a dangerous mission in which he must traverse all dimensions of the universe and confront superpowers.

The director’s third project is… “Clara and the Sun”. This in turn Film adaptation of Nobel Prize winner Kazuo Ishiguro’s novel. Clara is an artificial friend who, although not of the latest generation, has extraordinary cognitive abilities, memory and – most importantly – empathy. She watches the street from the shop window, waiting for a customer to take her away. When fate finally smiles on her, she is ready to provide the best service to the teenager for whom she was purchased.

“Thor: Love and Thunder” movie trailer

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