March 20, 2023


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Netflix.  The big robbery on the set of "The Crown".  200 thousand gap.  precipitation

Netflix. The big robbery on the set of “The Crown”. 200 thousand gap. precipitation

The stolen items were used in the production of the fifth season of the Netflix series about the British royal family “the crown”. According to foreign media, there are about 350 unique propsIncluding a replica of Faberge’s coronation egg from 1897, gold and silver candlesticks, clock face belonging to King William IV’s grandfather of Hanover, Russian icons, silver dressing table and crystal bowls.

The value of the items is estimated at 200,000 PLN. But for filmmakers, their role in the film is also important. “Stolen items are not necessarily in the best condition and therefore have limited resale value.” Alison Harvey, artistic director of The Crown, told Antiques Trade Gazette. “However, they are valuable as components of the British film industry.” She added.

There are no plans to stop production. Replacement sources will be determined. A spokesperson for Variety Netflix.

South Yorkshire Police are investigating the theft. The thieves took the items from the three cars in which they were stored. The circumstances of the accident were investigated, but so far the devices have no evidence.

“the crown”. Fifth and Sixth Season

Season 5 series “the crown” It will be streamed on Netflix Perhaps in the fall of 2022. The series centered on the British royal family was originally supposed to end, but the production creators announced that a sixth season would be created featuring the events of 1990-1997.

sources: diverseLife PAP

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