Olivia Thirlby wants a sequel to Dredd

dred It is a movie about 10 years after its first release. It was well received by critics and viewers. They praised the production climate and the camp’s character. Unfortunately, these impressions did not translate into a good financial result and the book did not appeal to the authors.

In an interview with the site collider Olivia Thirlby was asked about her position on the possibility of the film continuing, who played the first role in Cassandra Anderson. The actress admitted that she would like to return to her role.

First of all, let me say that I am the first person to wish for it dred I got a sequel. I love this movie and these characters. If there is an opportunity to create a supplement after 10 years, I would definitely support it.

The actress also noted the great influence of screenwriter Alex Garland on the quality of the film. According to her, he is largely responsible for how good Cassandra’s character is.

I should also take a moment to pay attention to Alex Garland because Anderson who wrote it was thoughtful, sensitive, meticulous, and yet powerful, not because she tried to be Dreddy or look like a man, but because she was just herself. The path I take to find myself and my true strength is what I love so much about this movie […].

The actress has stated that if the sequel is made, Alex Garland should return as well. Unfortunately, the chances of a reunion of this kind remain slim. The 2012 film’s poor financial outcome stands in the way of a sequel. Fans can always hope that who? He decides to invest his money in production.

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