“Ghosts in Venice” – an advertisement for the new adaptation of the novel by Agatha Christie.  What is known about production?  What is the premiere?

The first teaser for the movie has just appeared online Ghosts in VeniceBased on the book by Agatha Christie. We already know when the production will hit cinemas!

Teaser excerpt / 20th Century-Fox / YouTube

Ghosts in Venice It is another production based on the novel Agatha Christie from the series Hercule Poirot. Again, he plays detective Kenneth BranaghHe is also a director. He is responsible for the script Michael Green.

Ghosts in Venice with an ad

The movie trailer has just been released online Ghosts in Venice. In the production, we follow the fate of a famous retired detective Hercule Poirot. Soon after the end of World War II, the guy moved to Venice and spent All Saints’ Eve there.

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One day, Poirot decides to attend a seance. This event takes place in a palace that is falling into ruins. Unexpectedly, one of the participants was killed. It is unknown if this was influenced by the mysterious and haunted mansion, or perhaps by someone else attending the session. tA famous detective will try to solve the mystery.

You can check out the recently released trailer for the movie below:

Ghosts in Venice What is the movie’s premiere date?

Along with the trailer, there was also information about when the production will hit the big screens. World premiere Ghosts in Venice was due to September 15, 2023!

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Many famous actors will appear in the production. He will appear alongside Kenneth Branagh, among others Jamie Dornan known b Fifty Shades of GreyAnd Or an Oscar-winning movie Belfast. We’ll also see on screen Tina Fey, Michelle Yeoh, Kyle Allen, Camilla Cotten, whether Riccardo Scamarcio.

Ghosts in Venice What book are they based on?

All Saints’ Eve It is the book that inspired the new production. This is one of the lesser known novels Agatha Christie. It takes place during a Halloween party, when innocent fun turns into tragedy. The killer is a young girl whose killer grabbed her head in a bowl of water. Hercule Poirot decided to start an investigation into this case. At the moment, it is known that the literary model differs from what was presented in the film.

All Saints’ Eve is a book that is still available for purchase in several online bookstores:

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