Surprising scenes after the Legia match.  The players had already moved towards Żyleta, and Josue intervened

After being eliminated from the Polish Cup and embarrassing themselves in the two-legged tie against Molde in the European Conference League, Legia Warsaw can now focus solely on the Extraklassa matches. However, the 'military' side have also been disappointing on the league pitch – they have recently gone through a series of draws, losing A week ago they lost to Widzew Łódź.

Although Sunday's win will likely improve the atmosphere at the club for at least a moment, Legia fans were not going to hide what they thought about what was happening at Legia. During the match against Piast On “Zelita”That is, meaningful banners appeared on the platform, which was occupied by the most ardent admirers of the “military”.

One of them was directed to Runjaic. “See you soon” The slogan on the banner meant “goodbye” in German. “Mr. Jacek. Thank you. That's enough” – these words were written with Jacek Zelenskiy in mind. The players themselves were also injured.

Anyone who doesn't have the skills, ambition, and character of Legia should get out of here

~ written on the sign.

Surprising scenes at Legia Warsaw Stadium. Jose got to work

Surprising scenes occurred after the final whistle. As reported by Samuel Szczygielski of, Many Legia players wanted to get closer to the stand Which was occupied by the club's enthusiastic supporters. Then the team leader “intervened.”

The journalist stated, “Zelita began to leave the field, but several players wanted to approach the stand. Josue made a decisive signal to his teammates not to do so. Instead, the players approached the family stand.”'s Dominik Wardzichowski said so After the match, Runjajic himself also participated Those players who wanted to go to the locker room without approaching the stands were encouraged to thank the fans for their support.

One Goal (Episode 122) Polish Cup and controversy surrounding the quarter-finals. video/For one goal/Polsat Joe

Showing dissatisfaction with the effects of Costa Rongach's work/PAP

Legia Warsaw vs Piast Gliwice match/Leszek Szymanski/PAP

Mark Goal in the match against Piast/PAP

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