An offensive plan was discovered before Marcinjak’s Champions League match.  The police are bringing reinforcements

In the first quarter-finals of the UEFA Champions LeagueMilan, who played at the San Siro, beat the Napoli club 1-0. Qualification for the semi-finals will be decided in a rematch on Tuesday. Refreewhich ignites the imagination of not only the Italian fans, It would be Simon Marciniak.

They will stand against each other The current national champion and the current leader of the first division. The emotions generated around this meeting grow not even from day to day, but from hour to hour. It is already known that It will be hot long before the first whistle.

The Italian media reached the attack plans For a hotel that would be the base of Milan. Napoli fans prepare to raid the facility And the Feyenoord Rotterdam fans they brought to the city. On the night from Monday to Tuesday, there is supposed to be a clash under the building A powerful explosion of fireworks charges. All this to intimidate the players of the “Rossoneri” and prevent them from sleeping peacefully.

Feyenoord fans flock to Napoli. The attack will happen at night

Where do Feyenoord supporters come from in Naples? In Rome, their team will play on Thursday European League Finals Match 1/4. By decision of UEFA, fans from Rotterdam They are not allowed to participate in away matchesBut they are trying to get around the sanctions. Roma match tickets They buy tifosi from Naples. known vs. known

The Naples Police was formed High alert. More riot squads are mobilized. The access roads to the hotel occupied by the team from Milan It must be monitored 24 hours a day.

Everyone remembers Apocalyptic city center scenewhich we saw only a month ago. as a result of a riot attack Eintracht Frankfurt, supported by supporters of Atalanta Bergamo, Dozens of cars were burned Many shops and restaurants were demolished. Traces of destruction are removed to this day.

Even one goal (Episode 90) Napoli is able to make up for the losses, they must rely on Osimhen VIDEO//for one purpose//POLSAT GO

Feyenoord Rotterdam fans //France Press agency

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