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Surprising reports about the iPhone 17 Pro Max. This change is a whole new level


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There is no doubt that Apple smartphones have been setting trends in the mobile phone industry for a couple of decades. From the amazing ecosystem to the notch to Face ID. These are just some of the solutions that the company bearing the Apple Bitten logo was the first to offer. There are many indicators that another interesting change is on the way, which could have a major impact on the mobile industry around the world.

Supply chain analysis reveals information about the upcoming flagship

Apple, like almost every other technology company in the worldunable to function completely independently. After all, the manufacturer has to get the RAM modules, matrix modules and displays from somewhere. They are usually purchased from third parties that must meet certain requirements: for example price and quality.

By analyzing the manufacturer’s supply chain, that is, a kind of order list, it is possible to estimate with a very high probability what the upcoming smartphone will offer. Of course, in this way we will not achieve innovations on the software side, because it is created in Apple laboratories, but it represents a huge dose of knowledge available almost to the public.

What’s new in the iPhone 17 Pro Max?

One analyst who focuses on Apple’s supply chain is Jeff Boo. He is a specialist who has repeatedly predicted which components will be included in selected devices of various brands.

Jeff Pu just shared important information to the industry about the upcoming flagship’s main array. I expect that Apple will focus on a 48-megapixel telephoto lensWhich will be combined with the Vision Pro headset. The kit itself is a mysterious artifact that we still don’t know much about. The accessory is only expected to go on sale in the United States in early 2024.

Why is information about the 48MP camera module in the iPhone 17 Pro Max important? because The megapixel race in the world of flagships has been going on for many years. The market has been divided into quantity-focused producers and those still developing these less technologically advanced matrices.

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So, you can buy devices with amazing 100MP cameras, as well as 12MP ones. Apple will clearly remain in the latter camp and will focus on doing just that With the help of software, you can make the most of the 48MP camera module.

We expect it to deliver the next flagship A whole new level in video recording with 3D depth effect. This is a solution that is already on the market, but the Cupertino company will definitely want more of it.

At the moment, we do not yet know whether the set will still include two 12-megapixel auxiliary matrices: wide-angle and telephoto. This is a completely possible scenario, but from time to time there are rumors about the possibility of changing the duo. At this time, Jeff Poe has not yet found data that would give us a clear answer to this question.

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