Türkiye.  Holidays 2024 – Poles choose to relax in Türkiye and are experts in the surprise of the year

Holidays this year in Türkiye are enjoying record popularity. This is at least according to information provided by Can Cavaloglu, President of the Mediterranean Association of Hoteliers and Tour Operators (AKTOB). He confirmed that there is a record increase in the number of early reservations in this country. Kafaloglu described Poland as the “surprise of the year.”

Can Cavaloglu said that Türkiye's tourism sector is going through an unprecedented period due to the historic number of early bookings. The association's president is optimistic before the start of the holiday season.

– It seems that we will raise the bar even higher this year. We are experiencing the best early booking period in our history. We are also seeing an amazing influx of bookings from the local market. A unique season awaits us, said Can Kavaloglu, quoted by turkiyetravelnews.com.

He stressed that expectations for this year's result are “very high.” “Given the current strong demand, we expect full occupancy in many locations throughout the season,” Can Cavaloglu said.

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Poles choose holidays in Türkiye

The AKTOB boss said Britons were responsible for the largest number of early bookings, followed by Germans and Russians. – But this year's surprise concerns the Polish market. Last year we hosted nearly a million Polish tourists. “This year we expect it to exceed 1.25 million,” Kavaloglu said.

The growing interest in holidays in Turkey is confirmed by the data of the Travelplanet.pl website, which analyzed bookings made up to March 20 of this year, in relation to trips by travel agency clients in the period from June 1 to September 30, 2024.

According to the analysis, more than a third of tourists (34.3%) will go to Türkiye at this time. This means an increase of 4.5 percentage points compared to the same period last year (29.8%). Second place belongs to Greece, which recorded a decrease in the percentage of tourists – from 22.7 percent. in 2023 to 18.4 percent this year.

Travelplanet.pl is one of the three largest multi-travel agents operating in the Polish market, along with Wakacje.pl and Fly.pl.

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