February 1, 2023


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Samsung showed off incredibly bright smartphone screens. Great in the sun

As the company explains, UDR stands for Ultra Dynamic Range It is a technology related to the increasingly popular HDR. At the same time, it should be emphasized that the new screen has been certified by UL Solutions, a global hardware security company.

Samsung has not revealed which smartphones will be equipped with this pioneering technology, but experts in the world of smartphones have no doubt about it They will definitely be the new Galaxy S23 Ultra Or maybe cheaper S23 +.

new, Very bright screen with a wide dynamic range Perfect for watching movies on your smartphone on a sunny day. Unfortunately, although the new technology is also supposed to reduce battery consumption when brightness is set to the highest level, we can still expect faster power consumption with frequent use of this function.

Samsung in its smartphones from the Galaxy line so far It offered 1,750 nits of maximum screen brightness on the S22 Ultra. If we look at the flagships of other brands, in their case the peak brightness usually reaches 1200-1300 nits, although it is a much better result than laptops, but in the case of outdoor smartphones it is not very colorful.

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