The international comprehensive transfer was successful for the first time
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August 6, 2022, 8:00 pm

The first international holoport was made. At the moment, applications of this technology are being sought in medicine due to savings compared to traditional travel.

Above image source: Unsplash | Jason Roswell.

Holoportation is a combination of a three-dimensional image and teleportation, that is, it takes place live. The students made the first such flight to another country, which was successful, and, as they say, they did not have to pay the airline for crossing the border between the two countries.

what happened?

A small group of students from Western Institute for Space Exploration Participate in the world’s first international holoport show. Each participant, while in Alabama, was allowed to attend a conference in London, and their movements were immediately determined. This was possible thanks to Microsoft technology and Aexa Aerospace software. The special camera creates a 3D image of a specific subject. The person on the other side with a device called a holoquin can interact with the person they are dealing with thanks to the hologram. Those who attended the event managed to shake hands almost.

This is not the only successful entitlement in history. In April this year. NASA executed The first holoport of a doctor outside the world, and thus found himself on the International Space Station.

Holoportation app

A team of first-year and medical students searching for Holoportation applications. Aexa Aerospace has partnered with Canadian company Leap Biosystems to discover ways to use Holoportation in medicine. It has the potential to be used to provide healthcare in remote locations.

The cost of this technology is about $5,000, so This will allow significant savings compared to, inter alia, by flights To places where doctors are hard to reach. Use of biosensors to monitor a patient’s heart rate, for example. Right now, the biggest obstacle to overcome is the lack of physical contact with another person.

International Holoportation Success, Airlines Won't Like - Illustration #1

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