Super Mario Bros.  wonder in the game.  The gameplay brings a lot of news and Nintendo revealed an updated console

Nintendo wants to prepare gamers for the next big production aimed exclusively at Nintendo Switch and that’s why a special Nintendo Direct has been organized. Today’s event was entirely dedicated to Super Mario Bros. Ultimate. he wonders.

Super Mario Bros. will be shown. for the first time within 50 days. he wonders. Developed by Nintendo’s internal team, the game is another 2D adventure set in the world of the famous hero. Players can count on a number of novelties and for this reason it was decided to organize a special event.

Nintendo has already decided on such a situation – when a really important story comes to the company, the company announces a Nintendo Direct dedicated exclusively to one game.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder will debut on October 20, which is a really hot time, but there are many signs that loyal fans of the universe should not hesitate, because games with Marian in the lead role usually do not disappoint.

At the Super Mario Bros. premiere. Surprisingly, we saw a new transformation for the heroes – this time players will be able to transform into an elephant and this form will greatly affect the gameplay. The creators have also developed special “miraculous” effects that will update the run from point A to point B in an interesting way.

Nintendo also showed off an updated Nintendo Switch OLED mockup.

Nintendo Switch OLED - Mario #1
Nintendo Switch OLED - Mario #3

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