Epic is distributing games again.  A real hit you can get for free, the second will soon be available Sports

Epic Games has been offering some really great games for free for two months now. This week is no different. Platforms have gone crazy over the course of black Friday. While the Epic Games Store also offers interesting discounts, as of Thursday we can choose two interesting products on the platform.

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Watch the first minutes of Far Cry 6!

The Hunter’s Call of the Wild by Joe Dustby

They are a wild call hunter and Antsream. The former has been widely recognized by critics and casual gamers, and thus is an opportunity that is hard to ignore. In TheHunter Call of the Wild, as the title suggests, we play the role of a hunter and try to hunt the biggest game in the world. However, sometimes these missions require patience and accuracy because the game is very realistic.

Another hit on the way

This is not the end. Starting on December 2, Epic Games will provide its users with two additional productions for free. They will be while they are right: Learn () and dead in the light of day. The first is an interesting site for fans of all kinds of puzzles and games that require us to think.

The Polish game is getting off its knees. This is the second most-purchased production on the popular platform

You can also find more content on Gazeta.pl

Dead by Daylight is a title created for horror movie fans and having fun together. The game allows cooperation of five people, where one person kills those who try to eliminate the remaining four. However, players can use dozens of different maps and characters, which each time makes a particular game different from the previous one. This is a production that was a huge hit with streamers.

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