“Strzępy”: the first Polish film about Alzheimer’s disease

“Alzheimer’s disease is a disease that can affect anyone. Some people have a genetic predisposition to it, but that does not mean that they will definitely develop it, and someone may be the first person in their family to encounter the disease. There are no rules. There is no cure.” Diagram of the course of the disease. Every case is a little different. These are – I know it will sound a little awkward – good factors for building a film’s story,” – admits the director Strabo Beata Dzianowicz.

“For me, the most terrifying thing, but somewhat startling, is the fact that Alzheimer’s disease robs not only health, memory, or the ability to think logically, but above all personality. Someone else living in a known body. Someone unsure, disbelieving ., doubt. Patients pour out fears and frustrations mainly on those close to them. He suffers from drama, but everyone is sick. Entire family life must be realigned, and all logistics subject to illness. This is great material for art activities Art likes situations where problems multiply, and does not There are good solutions, and this is a natural source of bloody conflicts, which we notice well in books or movies.

The Patrox family is a loving, multi-generational family. They live in Silesia and lead a quiet life, enjoying the moments they spend together. Suddenly a crack appears in this harmonious reality. Gerrard (grzegorz przebyl) begins to act strangely, has memory problems, and breaks conventions and conventions. It turns out that these are the first symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. The disease develops rapidly. A man becomes unpredictable and less like himself.

Relatives do everything they can to help him, but over time they also start to “get sick”. Their relationship is put to the test. Hidden tensions, secrets and grievances come to light. Adam (Michel Zorovsky(He is faced with a dilemma – to live under the same roof with his sick father or to take care of his wife’s welfare)Agnieszka Radzikowska) and girls (King of the fields). What decision will he make? To what extent will Alzheimer’s disease change the life of Butterox? Will he tear them apart?

The film is scheduled to hit cinemas across the country on September 22. The producer of “Strzępów” is the studio for documentaries and feature films. Co-producers: Silesia Foundation for Polish Film and Television. The film is co-financed by the Polish Film Institute and the Silesian Film Fund. Dystrybucja Kinowa TVP is responsible for its distribution.

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