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Sony on CC: What about the platform? Kraven with R! Ghostbusters! Napoleon!


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CinemaCon, the most important industry event of the year, kicked off in Las Vegas, where major studio heads recap the past year and reveal plans for the months and years to come. This year’s event has begun SonyWhich has prepared many attractions for the community. Here are the most important of them.

Platforms don’t make movie stars

The audience warmed up with a speech from the head of the Sony studio Tom Rothmanwho has been outspoken about the state of cinema and streaming platforms.

For the past three years, when media pundits have criticized our actions, Sony has remained unfazed. We are the only major studio dedicated entirely to cinema. We were sure that movies in cinemas could not only survive, they could triumph – He said. – Another thing the experts say is that movie stars don’t count anymore. I hope my competitors believe this nonsense. Real stars are now more important than ever. However, they are rarer than ever. Streaming platforms don’t make movie stars. Only international films make it.

Rothman has also boasted a wide variety of theatrical filmography Sony, even if they are sometimes not successful at the box office: At Sony we don’t fail. Authenticity always involves risk, but for me The biggest risk is to make viewers bored by offering the same thing over and over again. There is no glory without eggs.

Tom Rothman, CEO of Sony Studios, at CinemaCon

Marvel’s “Kraven the Hunter” trailer

Among the news that Sony bragged about at CinemaCon was “Craven the Hunter”. The audience had the opportunity to watch an action-packed trailer of the show based on the comic book characters marvel.

The video confirmed that The film will be the first Marvel theatrical to receive an R rating.. In addition to Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who plays the titular hero, Russell Crowe as his father and Fred Hechinger as his brother, Chameleon, appear in the teaser.

The sequel “Ghostbusters: Afterlife” and “Gra Turismo” – what else Sony showed

Through the movie’s internet link “Ghostbusters sequel” Narrated by producer Jason Reitman. Confirm it this time Work will return to New Yorkthat is, the city in which the first part of the popular series took place.

He introduced Denzel Washington to the public The Equalizer 3 movie trailer. Ordinary humans can rest easy. It will be officially released today. Washington also received a lifetime achievement award. The actor did not hide his emotions and thanked him for this award.

Viewers gathered at CinemaCon also watched a video promoting the game show “Gran Turismo”. Its co-stars David Harbor and Orlando Bloom appeared on stage.

Rothman also boasted of the first video material from the historical scene that Sony made for Apple “Napoleon”. The film is directed by Ridley Scott. Rothman promised that the film would be in theaters on Thanksgiving and Christmas It will have a full theatrical distribution Great marketing campaign. The video itself presented a battle scene shot in the old style.

Sitcom fans can also watch up 14 minutes of the animation “Spider-Man: Across the Multiverse”. You can find the trailer for this movie below

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