Creed III (2023) – review, opinion about the movie [Warner Bros].  Compromise with the past, with fists

Adonis Creed left the ring as the undisputed world champion after nearly thirty fights. When an old friend, almost brother, and the one who taught him the basics of boxing, Damien “Dam” Anderson, returns to his life after eighteen years in prison, it is the beginning of a chain of events that will lead his old comrades to the ring. standardzik.

For the first time, we are watching a movie from the series “Rocky”, in which we will not see Sylvester Stallone. It feels strange, but it seems to me that Adonis Creed (Michael B.) is a movie. As if that weren’t enough, “Creed III” also marks Jordan’s directorial debut. No one can deny the boy’s talent in front of the camera, you know. How did he run after her? Let’s check.

Creed III (2023) – Movie Review [Warner Bros]. A cohesive story about friendship and responsibility, but with some holes

The wider plot of the film is a mixture of the second and third parts of “Rocky”. The Lady (Jonathan Majors) enjoys the ferocious rage with which he attacks Clubber Lang, but the entire confrontation has its roots in a situation similar to, if not quite as dramatic as, Ivan Drago’s. An important component of the whole story is the ancient bond between Creed and Dame. The guys have known each other almost forever. Once the latter was a promising boxer, and only Adonis was his friend. However, something happened that completely changed the future of the lady, for which our main character blames himself. So when his “brother” returns to the world of the living, Adonis feels obligated to help him. But is it possible to help someone who is so damaged by the system, so angry with the whole world?

The writers are very adept at digitizing this ancient friendship between Creed and Dame, often using comparisons and references to bring out the emotions that go along with them. In this respect, the text is totally deserving of appreciation. For example, Adonis’ wife Bianca (Tessa Thompson) can no longer perform on stage due to her deteriorating hearing. So I became a music producer. Now other people are singing her songs. Dame asks how it feels to see someone else become famous through your work. He replied that it’s great, it’s better and the only way he can stay in this world. “I almost believed you,” the lady replies, looking at Adonis, who sees his fighting style for himself, and the life he had no chance of winning.

The problem is the dialogues, or perhaps the emerging Jordanian trend, is hard to say. In places behind the words, you can’t quite hear the feelings that must accompany them in these moments. In addition, I was regularly exasperated by the way the characters acted, how many things were left unsaid, and how many topics were left completely untouched. This is how the creators saw it and gave their characters such characters, but I could not get rid of the impression that the dialogues were missing something. A little more natural.

Creed III (2023) – Movie Review [Warner Bros]. Adept directing in duels, but no one keeps guard yet

Training before a fight

It is also unfortunate that the new generation that spends so much time in the first half of the film is completely forgotten in the second half, because it is the “Creed” in the title and not “Felix Chavez”. Duke and Creed’s little ward is completely forgotten, eventually only appearing as a bystander during the movie’s final battle. What about his money? What about my mother, what about confidence and health? It doesn’t matter! Apparently, everything is forgotten and forgiven. everyone. If only the real world could be so uncomplicated. His opponent was supposed to be Victor Drago, known from the previous movie. It’s good that the creators were kind enough to be a partner in Sky Creed, but as a character he doesn’t really exist, because everything should revolve around Creed and Dame.

Let’s be honest, however, we will watch the films in this series not for intricate plots and pick out all the details of the script. It’s supposed to be Madeline with a few tons of testosterone. Some emotional moments are nothing to worry about, they are present, and how are the fights? very useful! Kramer Morgenthau’s camera doesn’t just jump left and right to show us simple trades. Sometimes he can also follow the punch beautifully, which gives the whole fight more fluidity, and adds strength to the punches. We also see how players think. Slow motion, zoom in on the eyes, then a clip showing where the player is looking, where he sees the gap he is about to use. Jordan has said in interviews that he was inspired by the anime series when he was working on the battles for Creed III, and it really shows in the final product.

“Creed III” is a solid, though not without problems, sequel to the well-deserved “Rocky” series. The scenario could be thought out a little better, but emotionally and on a thought-by-motive level everything works as it should. Principal, as always, does a very good job as the gentle, yet also dangerous giant who has strong chemistry with Jordan. And, of course, the most important thing, that is, the battles, is still a very good level (as long as you do not rely on realism) and effectively pumps the audience’s adrenaline.

The movie will hit theaters on Friday, March 3.

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