Fashion for films about the “betrayal of the highlanders.”  Marcin Koszałka's film will not be the last to talk about Goralenvolk

  • The soon-to-be-filmed production that will talk about Podhali during World War II is the series “Śleboda”. Its product is SkyShowtime
  • The series will talk, at least in part, about the background to the creation of the Goralenvolk concept and how much interest it received among the Highlanders.
  • On the other hand, right-wing journalist Witold Gadowski and director Konrad Litschke want to make a feature film about Józef Kuráz “Ogień”.
  • Gadowski does not hide that his image will serve as a “counterweight” to the film “White Courage.”
  • More similar scripts can be found on the Onet home page

“White Courage”, directed by Marcin Koszalka, tells the story of the residents of Podhali Heights and their difficult choices in the 1940s. In the fall of 1939, the people of the Tatra Mountains received a proposal from the Nazis to turn this ethnic group into a separate nation of highlanders, which, according to German scholars, were supposed to be a Germanic tribe that had disappeared hundreds of years earlier. . However, the idea promoted by some Bodhali grassroots activists before the war did not receive wider attention among the indigenous people of the pre-war Nui Targ region. Only 18% of people collected Highlanders' ID cards (they served as ID cards during the occupation). Highlanders.

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