storming the weather.  Multi-zone alerts.  “Be careful and keep things safe”

Wednesday’s storms will be caused by a small, active low poly. The associated cold front will hit Poland, and at the intersection of two different air masses Many clouds will rise with violent phenomena.

As the map indicates imgw, only the inhabitants of the belt from Masuria and Podlasie to Roztocze, east of Lesser Poland and Podkarpacie, do not have to fear storms even tonight. And the phenomena will appear in the rest of the country from noon, a The peak of their activity will fall in the second part of the day. They can be violent and merge into larger structures.


The most violent phenomena will pass from Kocaeli to Silesia and Lesser Poland

For West Pomeranian County, North and Central Territories, Class 1 thunderstorm warnings have been issued for Lubuskie and Pomorskie. Predictions indicate that During its duration, heavy rains up to 30 mm, hail and winds up to 85 km per hour are possible.

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Meanwhile, in the counties Dolnośląskie, Opolskie, Śląskie, Śódzkie, Wielkopolskie, Kuyavian-Pomeranian, in the southern part of the county in the voivodships Lubuskie and Pomorskie and in the western counties of Mazowsze, Kielce and Małopolska, level two warnings are in effect. There in the storms Away praises It has a diameter of up to 4 cm. There is a risk of heavy rain of up to 35 mm and very strong winds, gusts of up to 90 km per hour, and may reach 100 km per hour in spots.

Level 2 warnings of severe thunderstorms have been issued for many areasIMGW-PIB METEO POLAND

Level 2 warnings of severe thunderstorms have been issued for many areas

For areas covered by IMGW warnings, The Government Security Center also issued an RCB alert.

“Watch out! Today (05.07) violent storms with hail and strong winds are possible. Be careful and secure things that can be blown away by the wind.”

in the evening and at night storms It will recede to the west and turn east, so more warnings may be issued. We can deal with a particularly dangerous situation from uławy and Warmia to the north of Lesser Poland. Thunderstorms with hail and rain of up to 20 mm and winds of up to 100 kilometers per hour are expected.

It also gets very cold at nightIMGW-PIB METEO POLAND

It also gets very cold at night

Source: Onet / IMGW

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