Corona virus in Poland.  a.  Włodzimierz Gut: I fear an increase in the number of injuries

Virologist A. Włodzimierz Gut has expressed concerns about the decision of the head of the Ministry of Health, Adam Nidzelsky, to scrap the obligation to wear masks in confined spaces. In his opinion, the “German situation” may occur, as the number of COVID-19 cases is currently increasing.

On Thursday, Health Minister Adam Nedzelsky announced that he had made a decision As of March 28, enter the abolition of the obligation to wear masks. This does not apply to medical entities. Home isolation, home quarantine and quarantine at the borders will also be lifted.

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Virologist A. Włodzimierz Gut notes that some people no longer wear masks or wear them inappropriately where they are required to do so. When asked whether such a decision by the head of the Ministry of Health would have any consequences, he said that it depends on human behaviour. – I’ll be afraid. With 10,000 cases of COVID-19 every day, he said, taking off what was nested when there were 300 or fewer people infected per day is not the most logical solution somewhat. He admitted that it was a brave decision.

Niedzielski: From March 28, we offer two solutions. The first is the abolition of the obligation to wear masksTVN24

In his opinion, the “German situation” may occur, as the number of COVID-19 cases is currently increasing. According to the professor, one of the reasons may be the anti-war demonstrations where the rules of the epidemic were not respected. According to Reuters’ COVID-19 tracking data, 227,000 people are infected every day.

Asked if he recommends continuing to wear masks after the confinement order ends, Gott said: “Anyone can do whatever they want – they have complete freedom.” How he wants to risk – let him take a risk, his problem.

According to Gott, Nature will check the ministry’s decision. “We will have a review in about a month,” he concluded.

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