Na początku koronawirus był jak "neandertalczyk", ale "wariant Delta jest jak Rambo uzbrojony po zęby"- tak obrazowało opisała go włoska wirusolog profesor Ilaria Capua. Jej zdaniem jesienią tego roku liczba zakażeń będzie niższa niż w 2020 r.

At first, the Corona virus looked like a “Neanderthal”, but a “delta variant is like a Rambo armed to the teeth” – this is how Italian virologist Professor Ellaria Capua described it. In her opinion, the number of infections this fall will be less than in 2020.

In an interview with Italian TV station La7, Professor Capua from the University of Florida emphasized how the delta variant currently prevalent in the world differs from the original variant at the start of the pandemic. She explained that this person was a “post-evolution Neanderthal”.

She explained that the delta variant is “like Rambo, sharpened to the teeth and much more dangerous.”

“The situation is different,” said a well-known virologist, “but fortunately we have vaccines and are close to a very large number of vaccinated people.”

Then I noticed: “We are fighting a different virus compared to September 2020. A year ago there was an increase in infections because there was no vaccine. Today we are seeing more severe forms in people who are not immunized,” he added.

“But this virus, armed to the teeth, can also make vaccinated people sick. This was to be expected; viruses evolve, but this should not undermine our confidence in vaccines” – said the Italian scientist.

Without vaccines, she added, “we will have more deaths, and in October, November and December we will see the numbers are lower than they were in 2020”.
In her view, it is also important that an infected person catch fewer unvaccinated people.

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