“Miracles on Orlen” from the beginning of the year.  The Ombudsman writes to the President of the UOKiK regarding this matter

This is not the end of the confusion with “The Miracles of Orleans”. Ombudsman for Human Rights Prof. Dr. Marcin Veczyk. The statement posted on the website of the Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights stated that, according to media reports, “At the end of 2022, PKN Orlen maintains fuel pricesDespite the fall in oil prices and the strengthening of the zloty.

“Miracles on Orleans”. The Ombudsman writes to the head of the UOKiK

This practice can also take place in other companies of the fuel sector. Therefore, citizens turned to the Ombudsman with complaints. As emphasized, “it is the duty of the Ombudsman to take action to clarify these suspicions”.

Therefore, it is necessary to determine whether there is a breach of consumer protection standards. Note that The practice described above can also expose entrepreneurs to additional costs incurred in connection with their activity – we read in the letter.

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Moreover The Ombudsman also addressed the largest companies in the fuel market With a request for information and data, thanks to which the basis for the formation of fuel prices can be determined.

What are the “miracles on Orleans”?

– I say this with complete conviction to reassure you: prices will be stable and will not rise after the new year – reassured the head of PKN Orlen, Daniel Obagetek, at the end of December. in fact, Despite the increase in value-added tax on January 1, 2023 from 8 to 23 percent, fuel prices have remained at about the same level. Between December 31 and January 1, the company cut wholesale fuel prices by 14 percent. These events were soon dubbed the “Miracle in Orlen”.

PKN Orlen decided to issue a statement on this matter. We read it The fact that prices did not rise at the beginning of the year despite the increase in VAT and excise duty “is in line with company policy”. It is supposed to “avoid, as far as possible, price shocks, including shocks affecting consumers in particular”.

It should be noted that PKN Orlen did not fully convey to the customer the increase in fuel prices caused by the outbreak of the war in Ukraine (caused by both raw material prices and an unfavorable exchange rate for the zloty) and thus limit the dynamic price increases caused by these factors – explained PKN Orlen at the beginning of January.

The concern’s chief economist explained the matter with the danger of queuing at stations. – We are accused that since we lowered the price on December 30th, we could have done it earlier. We could not, because the situation on the market makes us queue at the stations. Adam B. said:

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