Polish arrangement.  The fight against illegal labor strengthens ZUS

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According to the assumptions of the Polish government, the matter is the limit illegal act Pay wages “under the table”. From 2022, dishonest employers will bear the tax and contribution consequences of these titles, but the regulations also provide favorable terms for legalizing the business. of data sister He clarifies that the largest volume of illegal work occurs among micro-enterprises and from them the department expects the most cancellation requests. Having more insured people also means higher income from subscriptions.

A Polish Economic Institute report shows that 1.4 million Poles receive part of their salaries “under the table”. The provisions of the Polish government are intended to reduce this practice, as well as the possibility of illegal work. From 2022, only the employer will bear all the consequences of illegal work, and not the employee as before. However, the government announced the cancellation, thanks to which both parties can avoid the consequences if the employee signs contracts with employees before the end of this year.

– As the result of the current monitoring And the activities of the Social Insurance Institution, an area that already deals with illegal employment, non-reporting of insurance and non-payment of contributions, among small enterprises transport, gastronomy, construction – indicates in an interview with the professor of the Agency Newseria Biznes. Gertruda OchinskaPresident of the Social Insurance Institution.

In 2018, ZUS inspected 23.6 thousand. Micro-enterprises (up to nine insured) and levied 35.4 million PLN. A year later, the inspections covered 18.6 thousand. The smallest companies, the collected receivables amounted to 30.5 million PLN. In 2020, just over 12,000 monitors. The largest violations relate to ground transportation, restaurants and other catering establishments, security activities and construction work. This was also confirmed by the PIE report – 57 percent. Entrepreneurs who work in microservices believe that there is a phenomenon of “under the table” payment in their industries.

The second field is medium-sized companies – from 21 to 200 employees. We’re doing very well financially there in terms of controls. So if we get such good results as a result of the inspection, it means that there are still resources that can be the subject of this cancellation, so from this side we should expect requests for legalization of illegal employment – the expectations of the professor. Gertruda Uchinska.

In total, the Treasury loses 17 billion PLN annually due to the shadow economy. The Polish Economic Institute calculates that 7 billion PLN are unpaid pension contributions.

– For this amount it will be necessary to provide what can be earned from the title Arrears in the payment of contributions – ZUS chief adds.

Thanks to tighter regulations, as well as an early amnesty, it is likely that in the coming months some entrepreneurs will sign contracts with their employees. This, in turn, means greater revenue for the Social Insurance Fund. As stressed by the head of ZUS, the situation of the Social Insurance Fund is already better than expected. According to the budget plan, the cost of support to the Social Insurance Fund was originally assumed to be PLN 59.5 billion, but it is known that it will be less by about PLN 20 billion. The efficiency of the Social Insurance Fund, that is, the ability to cover current expenses with current receipts, is 81%.

– We have returned to the situation before the epidemic starting in 2019. In addition, according to the law, we did not use 17.5 billion PLN as subsidies, as well as reducing the amendment to the law on the budget by 2 billion PLN this year, which means we will not use Up to 19.5 billion PLN in subsidies to the Social Insurance Fund this year. This means that we cover our expenses in installments – explains the professor. Gertruda Uchinska.

In total, ZUS has a record number of 15.7 million people (as at the end of Q3 2021). Compared to the second quarter of 2020, this means an increase of about 262 thousand. About 68 thousand there are more people employed under an employment contract, and the number of insured foreigners is growing rapidly. The higher the number of insured persons, the higher the income of the Social Insurance Fund.

– The financial position of the Social Insurance Fund this year is very good, we are slowly approaching 300 billion PLN in terms of contributions received, not only to the Social Insurance Fund, but also to others. This is PLN 38.9 billion more than last year, and similarly to the Social Insurance Fund, the collection of contributions is also much higher. The trend is currently very positive when it comes to the economy, the number of insured premium payers, which directly translates into a very good contribution status – admits the president of ZUS.


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