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The 25-year-old became the new starter for Legia Warsaw Steve Kapadi. The defender signed a 3-year contract with the capital’s team. The Frenchman will wear the number 3 shirt. The Warsaw club paid around 400,000 euros for the defender.

– I am very excited about this new challenge in my career and thank you for your trust. I’m looking forward to the future and I’m looking forward to starting a new club. I’ve heard about Legia Warsaw much before, not just since last season. It’s the kind of club you want to play for at least once in your career. I’m a defender who loves the ball, but it’s well known that the main goal of a defender is to defend above all else. The most important thing is to give your best on the field. I want to play for the team as often as possible and fight for trophies, – says Steve Kapwadi.

He added: “Adding a centre-back was one of our priorities and I’m glad the transfer happened. Steve Kapadee is fit, likes to pass the ball and is left-footed, which is always an asset in his position. We needed a defender with such personality – says Legia sporting director warsaw, Jacek Zelensky.

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Steve Nkanu Kawadee was born on April 30, 1998 in the French city of Le Mans. There he started his football adventure at the local club Le Mans. When he was 17 years old, he decided to leave the country for neighboring Belgium. He played in the second team of SV Zulte Waregem, and a year later the defender decided to buy one of the best clubs in the Kingdom of Belgium – KAA Gent. He played for Gent for the next three seasons, but despite appearing regularly for the reserves, serving as captain, the Frenchman never got a chance to show his skills in the first team. “I had the bad luck of being signed at a young age. I moved from France to Belgium. I spent three years in Ghent’s second team. I was a captain but couldn’t get into the first team. I was 20 and still didn’t have a professional contract. I saw the ceiling (. ..) I decided to take a different path, but the goal was clear: I want to gain experience – he said in an interview for

Frustrated with his situation, the Frenchman decided to leave Belgium. He was close to staying in the Benelux, namely in the Dutch top division, NAC Breda. The defender took an active part in the pre-season preparations, even playing in friendlies, but ultimately financial problems and a lack of relevant experience led him not to sign a contract with the club. After this fiasco, he decided to take a rather drastic step. The new employer was the Slovak Third League – Inter Bratislava. There he played only half a year before moving to partner club AS Trenčín, which was already playing at the highest league level. Inter Bratislava and AS Trencin worked together. When I came from Belgium, I trained with Trencin all week and played in Bratislava. I didn’t have a professional contract because when you sign it, the club that signs you has to pay the equivalent. We found the solution, I trained with Trencin and played in Bratislava. Because the clubs cooperate with each other, after 6 months I didn’t have to pay anything and I went to AS Trenčín The defender revealed the scenes of these transfers.
Kapwadje had good starts in northern Slovakia, and was usually the first choice for a coach, playing regularly. But when the matches were stopped due to the epidemic, his situation changed. The season resumed, but Kapwadi lost his place in the team completely. And in the 2021/22 season, he was not included in the squad for the match even once. We had an issue with the owner. He wanted to sell me to another team and I refused. And from that moment he decided to remove me from the game. At first, I sat on the bench for a few months, and then he wanted to take me away from everything – sometimes even from training. And it was not the coaches’ decision, but the owner’s own decision – said the angry Kapwadi in an interview with The defender felt that he had had previous experience from Belgium, and after an adventure that lasted two and a half years, he decided to leave Trencin.

Wisła Płock reached out to him, although Płock’s fans were initially unconvinced by the move. They knew the defender lacked skill and experience. Capuadi was one of the people unknown to them. However, Pavol Stano, who knew Kabwadi through joint duels in Slovakia, was a staunch supporter of the transfer. He decided to bet on the Frenchman and was not disappointed. Kabwadi of the march became an important figure in the defense of the “olives”. He was confident and persuasive in his decisions, which quickly won the approval of the masses. The fall tour was weaker in his performance as well as in the whole team. Despite Wisła’s eventual relegation from the Ekstraklasa, Kapuadi was one of the few characters with whom no one had any complaints. In total, he played in 28 matches on Polish football fields and scored 1 goal in the Polish Cup match against Skra Częstochowa.

Steve Kapwadi is 196 cm tall and weighs 88 kg. He plays as a central defender. His undoubted advantage in the context of playing for Legia is that he is left-footed and feels comfortable in a formation with three defenders, which is required at our club. He’s in good physical condition, thanks to which he has a lot of strength, although his maneuverability suffers a bit. The Frenchman is also good at getting the ball out of the baseline, posting an 88% passing accuracy rate last season. He is also good at it under pressure, he is not lethargic and can also show good pressure and handling of the ball. The story of Kapwadi transfers has been going on for a long time. It was certain that the Frenchman wanted to leave Bock. It has aroused interest from many western directions, but also from Lycia Gdańsk. Later, information appeared in the media stating that the player would undergo medical examinations in Legia and would soon sign a contract with her. Then new rumors appeared that “Voeskoye” was no longer interested in bringing the player due to the negativity of the Wisla authorities and he would go to the Italian club Venezia. But in the end, Legia decided to beat the Italians’ offer and Capuade became a player in the capital’s team. The defender seems to be a good option for a rotation in the squad, and would be a good competitor to Yuri Ribeiro. He can also play in the central part of the three-man defence, which will certainly add depth to the team. However, the player played his last game on July 7 and hasn’t appeared in any top flight games, so he will probably need some time to get into the right rhythm and form. However, in the long term, the acquisition of Capuadi appears to be a good move.

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Grzesiek – 4 minutes ago, *

Let’s see plus 25 years, which is not very old yet


Amen – 18 minutes ago, *

Good luck Steve!


sebum (L) – 21 minutes ago, *

A bit of peace gentlemen, Mike Noroki, coming to Legia, has participated in 8 (!!) in 3 seasons with Werder Bremen’s reserve team and 3 matches in Warta Poznań! The numbers are simply staggering. And what happened next need not be reminded.


partially – 27 minutes ago, *

Recent conversions hit. Since there is such pressure from Legia to get it, you have to give it a shot and wait a while for it to evaluate. Competition will certainly be beneficial, because unfortunately our defense does not look very confident.


pumpkin heads – 27 minutes Timo, *.216.248

Total Cucumber, plus stories of his adventures as Mr. Bean.


Bartolini – 27 minutes ago, *

I’d give him a chance for free, but keep pressing for a transfer? He looks surprised 😉


s. – 37 minutes ago, *

Looking at his resume and resume, it’s an abyss. we will see…


Sandman – 42 minutes ago, *

Good for a crocodile in the wall, and on the Swiss portal they write that Legia is in talks with Marco Porsche, a 22-year-old defender from FC Luzern, worth 4 million euros, who has the last year of his contract with this club It sure was a smokescreen before this Kapwadi transition.


Parcel locker – 51 minutes ago, *

After all, it is a ruthless choice!! He is 25 years old and has not played anywhere in the off-season in fallen Płock. never!!! In the league, he was characterized by his poor positioning, desperate ball sense and terrible marking. This is some dark joke. massacre!!!


industry) – 49 min Timo, *.177.37

@Paczkomat: I support ŚZROTOWNIA and it’s 400,000 :000000


industry) – 44 minutes ago, *.177.37

@Paczkomat: However, you have to congratulate Vistula, selling such a very large option for Polish conditions, an option that has seen nothing but Płock in championship football.


to – 43 minutes ago, *.171.59

@Paczkomat: According to your logic, Rose is an outstanding defender because he played in Aris and earlier with Benzema in Lyon. Remy is also an outstanding defender because he played in Ligue 1 before Legia! And Pazdan is a terrible defender, because before Legia he was playing in the same clubs as Wisla Block. Oh no, wait…

In the league, Kapwadi emerged on the positive side as Wisla played well in the fall. If you play hopelessly, it is difficult for one player and centre-back to stand out.


to – 38 minutes Timo, *.171.59

@Przemys(L): “Who has seen nothing but Block in football.” On the other hand, Lindsey Rose has witnessed a lot of cheering him on, but then he doesn’t cry goal after goal as he falls apart.


Parcel locker – 30 minutes ago, *

@L: My friend, Pazdan was representing Poland. What do you compare? and Rose? If you take him out for two minutes in a few months, it’s hard for him not to be under company. And anyway, if Ribeiro didn’t award a do… Rose wouldn’t give up on his player.


Parcel locker – 27 minutes ago, *

@L: Anyway, it will start soon that he hasn’t trained or played, and that’s why he’s in bad shape, not because he’s weak. Honestly, this transfer devastated me. seriously..


com. onomatopeja22 – 52 minutes ago, *

So now pay Rosa or not?


middle – 57 minutes ago, *

Good, elegant transmission and left pendulum are our collection for the season.


hehe – 58 minutes ago, *

Bravo, interesting move and the middle finger is the standard for the haters


think about it – 1 hour ago, *

option !!!


Jungle grandfather – 1 hour ago, *

Whether this is a good move remains to be seen. You have to give the guy a chance, though his career path doesn’t break his head, but maybe he’ll set off a firecracker in Legia…


Only Lygia – 1 hour ago, *

Does Jacek Zielinski know any footballer “not from the Polish league”?


to – 41 minutes Timo, *.171.59

@onlyLegia: No, he doesn’t know. Yetim is a soccer player from the Polish League. Pankow also: Dr

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