Robert Lewandowski may catch up with Mueller again!  One match in football history

It seems Robert Lewandowski In the context of the Bundesliga records, he has already broken everything and everyone, but there are still statistics in which the pole is not considered the best. In recent weeks, the 33-year-old broke the record for the number of home games with a goal. Before the match against Bochum (7:0), the Bayern Munich striker scored 12 of them in their account, and Gerd Muller and Jupp Heynckes achieved the same results in the past. After Saturday’s game Lewandowski He’s an independent captain – he’s already scored 13 home games for Bayern Munich in a row.

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I fell off a chair. Robert Lewandowski rushes towards the glass ceiling [SEKCJA PIŁKARSKA #92]

Robert Lewandowski before he even had a chance to set the next record. How long will the pole line be?

The other unbeatable record is very similar as it relates to the goal streak in all Bundesliga matches. No one should be surprised that the current record holder is Gerd Muller, who scored at least one goal in 16 consecutive league matches.

Lewandowski about canceling the Ballon d’Or party. “I hope it’s not because of that.”

Robert Lewandowski He currently has 15 matches with at least one injury to his credit and the next match with SpVgg Greuther Fürth – the Bundesliga champion – will be his chance to match the legendary Muller record. The meeting where the striker Bayern He can go down in history again leggy It will be held on Friday 24 September at 20:30.

Let us remind you that in the previous season, Robert Lewandowski became an independent record holder in terms of goals scored in a single season Bundesliga (41). Currently, after five queues, the pole has seven of them. In all, he scored eleven goals this season.

Jerzy Brzęczek and Robert Lewandowski during the training of the Polish national team in 2018.Przechik directly described the difficult relationship with Lewandowski. “undermine my image”

On Tuesday, Lewandowski could enjoy another prize: He was awarded the Golden Boot – the top scorer award from the European leagues – which he won for the first time.. He scored 41 goals in the Bundesliga, scoring 82 points (doubling goals in the major European leagues), ahead of Barcelona’s Lionel Messi (30 goals, 60 points) and Cristiano Ronaldo From Juventus (29 goals, 58 points).

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