Konoplyanka sharply on the invasion of Ukraine.  Pekka Nona "Let Putin out of our country"

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is underway, and it has already killed thousands of people, including civilians. on command Russian President Vladimir Putin The Russian military caused the largest conflict in Europe since World War II. In connection with the heroic defense of the Ukrainians defending their land, the Russians are committing more and more disgusting acts, such as using a thermobaric bomb or bombing civilian targets with missiles.

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Poland will not play play-off matches against Russia [Twitter]

The war in Ukraine also directly affects sports. Public opinion demands the exclusion of Russian athletes from international competitions. Such moves have already been taken before, among others, FIFA And UEFA, and the FIVB have denied Russia its rights to host this year’s Men’s Volleyball World Championship.

Polish goalkeeper in Borussia Dortmund. The contract was signed

Putin is happy to see blood in the streets.” Konoblanka was destroyed by the war in Ukraine

The athletes themselves are also very critical of the barbaric attack by the Russians and call for peace. Words of private condemnation come from the mouths of Ukrainian actors who have families and friends in the war zone. On Monday, he took his hard line on the matter Yevhen Konoplyanka. new pick Krakow He made his league debut in a losing match against Bruk-Bet 1: 2.

– I’m only thinking of war. I can’t focus on anything else. Nothing else is important. The most important thing now is to save our souls, our country and our army that is fighting for our country. Our soldiers are dying. Our children are dying. Our families are dying. They came to our country for a reason. And they allow themselves…” Konoplyanka sound broken.

– Children are dying! Our parents are there! The Russians are shooting at our kindergartens and schools, this is an exaggeration. When does all this end? Why does all this happen? Zelensky asks a simple question: why would you do this? There is no answer. The whole world is waiting. And he, Putin, enjoys seeing blood in the streets. I would say a lot. Let Putin out of our country – the Ukrainian pleaded.

“it’s incomprehensible.” Germany scores Bayern for Lewandowski

Johen Konoplanka went to Krakow in the winter transfer window. In his career, he played for clubs like Seville, Schalke or Dnipro. Recently, he represented Shakhtar Donetsk, having played only two games this season in the qualifying rounds Champions League. He also represented Ukraine 86 times, scoring 21 goals.

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