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50 years after the premiere of the iconic Renault 5, the French are definitely talking about the electric successor. I took the opportunity to drive one of the museum copies, checking what made the car so successful and whether it could be used in today’s realities.

Renault 5 & hairsp; – & hairsp; Test, driving experience

“During the first presentation, it was known to be a bull’s-eye,” Gaston Jocht, one of the designers working for Renault, wrote in his notebooks. Shaped like a pebble, without sharp lines, (…) without a grill Gucci noted that with the lights placed in the body, “women, doctors and blue-collar workers would be equal at traffic lights.”

Renault 5 . Showroom

Equal, as the size of the car is no longer linked to social status. This is the effect of the Cultural Revolution at the beginning of the crazy seventies, when French roads were already well-developed and of good quality, and society Open up to the idea of ​​a second car at home. Renault 5 It is the work of Michel Beau. “Boue Didn’t look like anything coolAt least nothing was chosen.” This was the case before sketch 5 was shown. The car was put into production almost immediately – only 5 years after the sketch was shown – and Bowie himself died at the end of 1972 of bone cancer. So he never had The opportunity to see the success of his work.

In addition to the same sales figures, Renault 5 Technically it was also great. The first welding robot arrived at the Flins factory for assembly. At the time, there were only 500 of them in the world at the time, so it took 25 hours for the new Renault to hit the road. Later, with 134 bots, it was only 20 hours. Polystyrene fenders were also used for the first time.

Later models also had plastic covers on the entire side to prevent parking damage

Moreover, neither Peugeot nor Citroen believed in the success of Renault 5. The car was there Bright, small, it has no door in the back. As it turned out, only four wheels were needed by the French, who appreciated the wide-opening tailgate at the rear and the crazy colors and versatility of the car. Later, the show included a sedan (for the Spanish market), five-door, police, construction, transportation, and sports (iconic). turbo), electric or even a Baccar version that was almost Baroque armchairs and a panel in the trunk set to transport a jacket!

So I take advantage of the exhibition from the most important copies and take one of the first cars to leave the factory for a ride. The first also has a gearbox knob, like an umbrella knob, located next to the steering wheel, like w Renault 4. There is plenty of space, I’m even in my own back seat. I have two levers, a blower button and a radio. I’m faster and I hit the road.

armchair version

The first versions had 30 and 45 kilometers (depending on the version), but the car weighed much less than a ton, so it dynamically joined the traffic at once. Of course, it is difficult to talk about driving accuracy here, Renault almost touches the asphalt with its mirrors when turning And the brakes leave a lot to be desired. However, you can see a huge jump in quality (as well as in comfort itself) compared to the four, which I drove the same route a few months ago. No wonder the five caused such a shock.

However, there is another important point. I maintain a speed of 80 km / h without any problems, a The fuel gauge needle will not budge after one day. Shortly after its premiere in 1972, the world had to face a fuel crisis. Renault engineers have also risen to the occasion with the introduction of the Renault 5 GTL. Power reduced to 44 bhp, single carburetor, weight 784 kg and Fuel consumption at a level of 4.7 liters while maintaining a speed of 90 km / h. Recepion? Up to 850 km if the wind is at your back.

Renault 5

In a modern city car, even a hybrid car, you will get almost identical results. Of course, you are surrounded by many (dozens) of airbags, wide pedestrian poles, sign-finding cameras, exhaust filters, car seat mounts and a lot of other things. Renault in promotional materials indicate this New Cleo It “reduces consumption” by burning 4.3 liters and generating 140 hp. It only needs the 1.6-liter, two electric motors, a coupling and clutch box taken directly from the F1 to accelerate the car. There must be something wrong…

Inside Renault 5. Everything is within reach

However, Renault does not intend to forget about the fifth model, but also wants to simplify its design. five It will return to the market as an electric carBut it will strongly refer to Michel Poe’s project. Renault wants to repeat the position of Fiat, which successfully launched the model 500 In electric edition. So it remains only to wait and hope that the new incarnation will be there As revolutionary as the original.

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