Tomasz Kot: Robin Hood's activity appeals to everyone's imagination in the world [WYWIAD]

  • “Robin Hood and the Emerald King” by Jacob Schweck Storytel is a three-episode radio drama, a fresh look at the legendary character of Robin Hood and his companions and foes. The general atmosphere refers to the new adventure cinema, but also to the British series “Robin z Sherwood”
  • Tomasz Kot played Prince of Thieves, which he admits was pure fun for him
  • The actor has slowed down a little in the epidemic, but he is still very busy – several films with his participation are waiting for the premiere, including “Dangerous Gentlemen” and “Big Water”
  • The cat deeply regrets that the film about the engineer and inventor Nikol Tesla, which he has been preparing for a long time, did not stop. “The last release I heard about from the future,” he says, “is a serial about Nicolas.”
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Storytel Drama “Robin Hood and the Emerald King” It’s a true feast of fantasy, but also entertainment under the New Adventure Cinema brand, full of action, humor and a bit of dark mysticism – in Robin Hood, Maid Marian, and the Shiff of Nottingham played by Tomasz Kot, Natasza Urbańska and Robert Więckiewicz, and the guide narrator is Andrzej Seweryn. This created a completely original story about the Prince of Thieves, first connecting him with another legendary character from English mythology – the great King Aurum and the Knights of the Round Table.

What was Robin Hood’s location in the complex of favorite heroes, which you probably had a lot of when you were a kid?

Tomas Cote: When I look at the production of heroes today, for example by Marvel, I have to say that there weren’t many of them in my childhood, but Robin Hood was definitely one of them. Robin’s work appeals to the imagination of probably everyone in the world.

Did you watch the British series “Robin of Sherwood” in the mid-1980s? I suppose, because everyone not only your generation waited for the next episodes with glowing faces

That’s right, there were only two channels on TV and when something “Western” was on, everyone was watching. We have collectively tested the series with the entire elementary school, especially the main character’s blonde exchange.

Who was Jason Connery, son of Sean. After two seasons, he replaced Michelle Breid. But a few years later, in the early ’90s, the movie version of the story about an outlaw with Kevin Costner also became very popular. did you love her?

The movie was good, and Kevin Costner was beloved at the time for “Dancing With Wolves,” but I remember favoring the show. Probably because there are elements of all the Hernovian charms in it. Clannad’s music was a plus.

I appreciated the movie a few years ago when I watched it with my kids. Unlike the series, he has not aged and is perfect for such a family show.

The robin on the radio play isn’t exactly what we remember from most movies or TV series – he looks a lot slicker, even a bit cocky.

It was the director’s wish, and I found it very interesting.

Were there any special challenges associated with this role?

Working on a radio play is pure fun and I focus only on my problems and my partners. When I read “Lesia” [audiobook Joanny Chmielewskiej, także wydany przez Storytel – aut.]I was responsible for the narrative and all the characters that appear.

Working on a radio play like this is like a solo dubbing job, but are there any differences?

It does not resemble anything in any way. The microphone and the voice actor are common, so you might think so, but it sounds completely different. In dubbing, it is not enough to translate the text, you also have to choose the words so that they fit into the available “panels”, as it is said about the movement of the characters’ lips. Each speech has its own set time and you need to fit in that range efficiently. The radio play gives you more creative freedom.

Recently, a new film by Jan P. Matuszyński called “Leave No Traces” was released, referring to the story of Grzegorz Przemyk. How do you remember working on the set? Especially since you were filming in a pandemic.

I was delighted with the series “The Last Family” and when Janek offered me cooperation, I was very happy with this meeting. Despite the epidemiological difficulties, the work was excellent. A little taste is that with Janek’s film I had the pleasure of playing with Robert Więckiewicz for the first time, and after a moment we met for the second time on the occasion of the radio play “Robin Hood”.

Has the pandemic changed, halted or stopped any plans in your life? Or maybe something good happened thanks to it, for example, did you have more time for your family?

I was trying to get this time for my relatives before the pandemic. With this way of working it is very difficult, especially when you have a good handwriting, there are many proposals and it is tempting. However, having had a choice, I would never allow a situation where I would shoot movie after movie.

When it comes to losses, the biggest unfortunately is Nikola Tesla’s autobiography. I’ve been preparing for her for a long time and that’s why I turned down several offers. Production began to shift, problems only multiplied, and eventually everything stopped. I don’t know for how long, but the last version of the future that I’ve heard about is making a series about Nicola.

What distinguishes working on the set in Poland more than working in the states or in other countries?

A bigger budget offers more possibilities, but that’s changing when it comes to our movie market. With the ‘Cold War’, when I occasionally glanced at the work of our set designers, my jaw dropped. I had the same thing on “Dangerous Gentlemen”, and more recently on the set of “Big Water” with Jan Houlubek.

“Dangerous Gentlemen”, Maciej Kawalski’s debut, awaits the premiere. Ban Tadeusz Boy-Selinski plays. Important acting experience?

naturally. I felt like I was on the “Gods” group, because a similar atmosphere arose among the crew. The captain on this ship was Maciej Kowalski, who gave us all a lovely trip.

I am looking forward to this movie. Working on the role of Boy was one of those jobs that left something behind. A great inland expansion adventure. This boy kidnapped me.

Will you reveal your next career plans?

Apart from Jan Holbeck’s “Wielka Woda”, I am currently playing in “Impra” directed by Xawery Żuławski. Currently, I am participating in the Culture Without Barriers Festival, which I have been supporting for several years, and for a year I have been ambassadors for the Culture Without Barriers Foundation.

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