Staff changes at Polska Press.  We know the name of the new head of Orléans media

The board of directors of Polska Press, headed by Chairman Stanisław Bortkiewicz and Dorota Kania, was dismissed on 23 February. The board members were immediately removed. Apart from Kania and Bortkiewicz, Miłosz Szulc and Łukasz Greszta lost their positions. After that, the Secretary of the Supervisory Board, Magdalena Skwirska, was delegated to carry out the duties of the company's president.

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Zenon Novak is a director with many years of experience in the media field. Until 2020, he was associated with Polska Press, where he held management positions over 17 years, from National Director of Marketing Communications to President of the Prasa Śląska branch.

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