This package of sanctions is intended to harm Russia.  Businesses are already beginning to attract the Kremlin

The fifth package of penalties, incl. Union closed to Russian ships And trucks, it may turn out to be the most painful of the existing ones – we read in the magazine.

Food producers in Russia ask the Kremlin not to impose counter-sanctions and not to block trucks from the EU– He writes in the newspaper. As he explains, otherwise the food industry would be left without imported ingredients to form the basis of food production in Russia.The effects of the sanctions package – adopted by the European Union on April 8 – are already being felt“-” Rzeczpospolita ” indicates.

The rest of the article is below the video

The newspaper mentions that to you too At the end of the week, the truck jam stretched for almost 80 kilometers on the borders of Poland and Belarus (to pass in Koroszczyn).

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“The logistical breakdown was deepened by the decision taken by Belarus on April 15 to re-shipment goods sent to Russia from the European Union to Belarusian and Russian vehicles at specialized points located 50 kilometers from the Polish border,” Rzeczpospolita adds.

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