[Aktualizacja] T-Mobile and Heyah Prepaid: End of Service “You have one zloty – you have no limit for everything and everyone”

T-Mobile has announced that the services included in the promotion have ended Free Prepaid T Service – Mobile Phones Order Online – Limited Edition In prepaid offers (also applicable to Heyah). One of them allowed for 30 days PLN 1 to use unlimited calls, SMS and MMS to national numbers and data transmission in Poland.

T-Mobile Posted notices saying the end October 1, 2021 Providing the services specified in the Promotion Regulations “Free T Prepaid – Mobile Players Ordered Online – Limited Edition”:

  • “Unlimited calls, SMS and Internet package” (7 days version for PLN 7),
  • “Unlimited calls, SMS and Internet package” (30-day version for 30 PLN),
  • “You have one zloty – you have no limit to everything and everyone”,
  • “Calls to everyone for free after recharges”,
  • 10 GB for free! Every week and every week.”

In the terms and conditions of the promotion Heyah Starters Free Prepaid Online Order – Limited Edition:

  • “Unlimited calls, SMS and Internet package” (1 day version for PLN 1),
  • “Unlimited calls, SMS and Internet package” (7 days version for PLN 7),
  • “You have one zloty – you have no limit to everything and everyone”,
  • “Calls to everyone for free after recharges”,
  • 10 GB for free! Every week and every week.”

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Users T-Mobile Prepaid And Hey on the cardThose who have activated one of the above service options as part of the promotions indicated above or have renewed by that date, will be able to use it until the end of the cycle provided for the service. After the end of the promotional period, the services will be charged according to the tariff price list applicable to the user.

T-Mobile also states that if the above changes are not accepted, the user He has the right to terminate the contract for the provision of telecommunications services by the date on which these amendments become effective at the latest.

You can talk about upcoming changes, including in particular disabling “You have zlotys – you have no limit for everything and everyone”, you can talk in our forum, in this subject.

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The end of the provision of the aforementioned services announced by T-Mobile Polska caused great discontent among the people who use them. They feel deceived by a magenta worker who has given them nothing in return. Dissatisfied people even threaten to file a complaint with the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection about this. In this case, it is worth reading the T-Mobile regulations to find out the following:

The operator has the right to modify the Agreement, including to discontinue or limit the provision of a particular telecommunications service or its options.

The above quote is from Regulations for the provision of prepaid communication services in the T-mobile prepaid system (paragraph 12 ust. 3).

It tells our readers that T-Mobile does not hear their questions and voices of exasperation over the expiration of the provision of select services in its prepaid offers, and it also removes comments about this from its social media. Therefore, we sent a request for comment to the press office of T-Mobile Polska, including an answer to the following questions:

  • What is the reason for resigning from the above services and does T-Mobile plan anything in return?
  • Does T-Mobile Polska intend to continue ignoring the voices of people angry at the announced changes and not answering their questions?
  • Why does T-Mobile Polska remove comments from customers who are dissatisfied with the operator’s plans and questions they ask from its social media?

As soon as we receive a response, we will include it in an update to this post.

Image source: Robin Worrall / Unsplash

Text source: T-Mobile

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