The lights did not light up

Third season deficiency Detective Sergeant Celine Trudeau (an excellent Isabelle Richer) delves into her 1950s past filled with skeletons, religious jewelry and rival families that have hated each other since Prohibition in a dense “monk and mystery” type investigation.

Is the third and final chapter of Club Illigo’s thriller, available for a week to its paying subscribers, worth eight hours of listening? After two disjointed episodes, where the plot dilutes between a quaint abbey, a faded hotel-restaurant and a hoary orchard, I would have said no. Confused history, widespread beginnings, Split 3 falls into its own deep crevice.

But in chapter five, I’d say yes, Frédéric Ouellet’s detective series deserves your (full) attention. The punch at the end of the second episode hooks us into the over-delivered story, and the shocking revelations in the fourth hour make the investigation even more engrossing. However, you have to test your patience and not understand everything, including many inaudible lines, as they are mumbled by their interpreters. An unstoppable scourge, we must believe.

He said no Disadvantage 2 No Split 3 They have recreated the magic of the first edition, a jewel of black Scandinavian booty. One of the best shows of the last ten years on Quebec TV.

After the icy Fermont and the radical-resistant concrete of Chateau Frontenac, the third chapter deficiency Celine takes Trudeau from her hometown of Applegrove, an Eastern Township village, to the stately abbey of St-Benoit-du-Lac, near the US border. Think of a cross between a Louis Penny novel and series Our summers And The truth about the Harry Kubert affair By Joel Dicker.

It’s the first time in over 30 years that formidable investigator Celine Trudeau has set foot in Applegrove. To use Marvel parlance, Split 3 “Origin Story” by Celine Trudeau. Why does death occupy him more than life? Where does this determination to solve impossible cases come from? Why does nothing satisfy her?

An all-too-familiar ghost has haunted Céline for three decades: her cousin and best friend Véronique Jolicoeur (Emma Elle Patterson), 16, murdered on Halloween night 1986. The whole body of Véronique — as you will understand in the second chapter — n, however , was never found.

As soon as she drops off her suitcase with her uncle Léopold Jolicoire (Gilbert Chicot), Céline’s buried memories resurface in her head and shake her. Then, in the middle of the night, someone cuts off the head of a chicken and digs up a skeleton buried for 75 years in Leopold’s orchard, on the edge of the abbey’s monks’ sprawling property. Coincidence? Apparently not.

Céline Trudeau returns, a skeleton (wearing an ancient ring) rises to the surface, and Céline’s partner at SQ, Alexandre Theberge (Alexandre Landry), receives this simple, yet highly complex file.

Along with Theberge, local cop Jean “Johnny” Léger (Didier Lucien) acts as a tour guide for the visitors. With sometimes sly and academic answers, Johnny explains that three clans have been feuding in Applegrove for a century: the Jolicoire (Céline’s matrilineal family), the wily Morency, and the aristocratic Collins.

A Jolicoire does not flirt with a Collins, and even less with a Morenci, you see the picture. The family tree of these three feuding families quickly becomes tangled. There are cousins, nephews and grandparents from all sides. Key character to follow: the enigmatic Damian Morency (Sébastien Ricard), Celine’s childhood sweetheart who is involved in shady matters.

Clergy involvement comes later in the chapters. As in the flashbacks of 1986, let’s remember the murder of a teenager named Véronique Jolicoeur, Céline’s cousin.

Split 3 There is no dearth of good actors and ambition. List of Suspects has about two story pages, and the episodes contain flashbacks of flashbacks. I love the opening music deficiencyIt’s throbbing and tension-inducing rhythm à la Nine Inch Nails.

What is missing? Split 3 ? Scary, stressful, fearful. Halfway through the series finale on TVA in September, we don’t feel the rush to sink episodes into piecing the puzzle together.

And in this type of puzzle to be solved, the character who talks the least always knows the most. ok Precisely Celine has a relative – Patrick Drolet camped – who lives on the autism spectrum, does not speak, but has an encyclopedic memory. Does he hold the key to the vault of all Applegrow’s secrets?

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