I saw something terrible, don't play God of War Ragnarok like that
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November 16, 2022, 13:58

author: Mateusz “Rassi” Legowiec

You can find things on the Internet that you would like not to see later. Some content is harmful as well. This weekend I saw something that can be classified as both.

I saw something terrible, don't play God of War Ragnarok like that - Illustration #1

Photo. egg

God of War: Ragnarok It is the latest version available on PlayStation. The game collects high and very high ratings (Our review). No wonder, it’s a good and beautiful game, telling the story of Norse Kratos and his son Atreus. Such a title, like any other, wants to play in the best conditions, that is, on the big one Television with excellent picture quality or observer from the top shelf. I recently found out There is a group of players (or maybe just one instance) that intentionally “spoil” the picture. Not only that, but a certain person claims the effects are just as good and recommends playing this way to others. what is he talking about?

I saw something terrible, don't play God of War Ragnarok like that - Illustration #2

Ultrawide monitors are great devices, but you have to use them wisely. Source: Xiaomi

I’ve watched a lot of video reviews in the past few days God of War: Ragnarok on YouTube. So it was only natural that other videos related to this production should appear in the materials I recommend. One thumbnail in particular caught my eye. After playing the video, I saw that a certain gamer (I will delete his channel name on purpose, it’s not about blaming someone) connected an ultra-high definition monitor to the PS5 console. I thought it was a pretty bad idea, because after all The Sony device does not support any aspect ratio other than 16:9. This means that on a 21:9 screen you will have to play with black bars on the left and right sides. How wrong I was! Well, the author of the material played with the picture stretched out to the whole screen. At that moment, I froze.

I saw something terrible, don't play God of War Ragnarok like that - Illustration #3

Playing like this is a terrible idea. Youtube source

I’m starting to wonder if I’m missing something and the PlayStation 5 is starting to support ultra-fast resolutions. A moment spent with the Google search engine confirmed, however, that nothing like this happens – the Sony console only supports the only correct format, according to the Japanese one, 16:9. It means nothing more or less than the player The source image is stretched with an aspect ratio of 16:9 to 21:9. Everything has become unnaturally wide, and part of the frame has been cut off. In short, the image (characters, objects, interface, literally everything) is distorted or distorted, if you prefer.. And then it got worse.

I saw something terrible, don't play God of War Ragnarok like that - Illustration #4

I have a 21:9 monitor myself and literally the day before I played Kangaroo Kao, which doesn’t support the ultrawide format. There is a fix for this on the web, but the download link for the file you want has expired. That’s why I played with belts. I didn’t think for a moment about artificially stretching the image. special source

I decided to scroll a little through the resources of this person’s channel and found another “hit”. One of the articles was devoted entirely to the fact that a screen with an aspect ratio of 21: 9 is a reasonable choice for the PS5. The creator argued in his opinion that in the future the console can expect support for ultra-fast resolution. The author also claimed that the effects after stretching the 16:9 image to the ultra wide full screen are not bad at all. Commenting on this is a waste of writing. One picture says more than a thousand words.

I saw something terrible, don't play God of War Ragnarok like that - Illustration #5

I am the last person who wants to tell others how or what to play. However, there are certain limits that must be crossed. In the era when we are playing more and more smoothly in 4K (on PC even in 8K), technology Image scaling in older products have reached a lossless level, and the graphic design of some titles can be considered a work of art, You can’t hurt yourself and game developers by intentionally forcing distortion As far as extending the original 16:9 to 21:9. Don’t go this way!

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