The end of Seville films raises concerns

The closure of Seville Films’ theatrical distribution division raised its stake in the Quebec cinema community on Wednesday.

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Les Films Sevilla, one of the largest movie distributors in Quebec, confirmed on Tuesday evening that it was suspending its theatrical distribution. Many employees of this subsidiary of the giant company Entertainment One found out that day that they were losing their jobs.

The day after the announcement, which created a shock wave in the industry, many stakeholders in the industry wondered what would happen to the company’s list of biggest films, especially those that have covered many of Quebec’s biggest hits in recent years. Mom, 1991, Mafia Inc. And Liar.

“Of course it worries me,” producer Andre Roulo told the Journal.Starbucks, City of entertainment) I have too many pictures, and I do not want this list to be mismanaged.

Can you predict?

Louise Dussault, box office distributor of K-Films America, believes for his part that the sinking of Seville Films is “predictable for 10 years”.

“We have been saying for 10 years that it would be a big mistake to leave the national distribution to a foreign company (Entertainment One), he laments. The companies (SODEC, Telefilm Canada) have allowed it, what will happen. Where do the pictures of Denise Arkand, another national treasure, go? “

In an interview with TVA Nouvelles on Wednesday, producer Denise Robert (Barbaric invasions, From father to police) Expressed concern that the disappearance of a major distribution company in Quebec could affect future local products.

“Seville is very important to the impact of our cinematography, the renowned producer underlined. Ten years back, we had five or six large distribution boxes, but most of them closed their doors. Seville had instructions and kidneys. [assez solides] Want to release great movies. We have good companies that work very hard, but we have no ways. I think the important thing for the influence of our cinema is the ability to start films with significant mechanisms.

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