Spider-Man 2 in gold!  An exclusive PS5 game ready for launch

Insomniac Games has just confirmed great news for fans of Peter Parker and Miles Morales. Spider-Man 2 is ready for release and players can prepare their free time for the second half of next month. The adventure will be available exclusively on PS5.

Many PlayStation 5 owners have been waiting for this information, and Insomniac Games has just published a message in which the developers have confirmed that work on the adventure has been completed. The team has achieved gold status, and the match could go to the pressing plant and land in the hands of the players on October 20.

The company did not choose a simple graphic to announce the completion of the project – The studio responsible for the Spider-Man adventures has published a video featuring several actors.

We have gold! We’re excited to share this news ahead of #SpiderMan2PS5’s release on October 20, 2023, and a few words from the game crew! #BeGreatTogether

I encourage you to watch the movie above for one reason, Tony Todd, known from the “Candynam” series, will play Venom and the actor can encourage the adventure in a fun way. Spider-Man 2 will be available to players for 30 days.

Spider-Man 2 is the next big production from 2023, which will be available exclusively on PlayStation 5. Sony has produced many notable games, but Insomniac Games’ adventure is undoubtedly the one that can achieve the most success. Previous games from this universe enjoyed immense popularity.

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