Nintendo Switch 2 – Delayed Release has been confirmed by other sources.  We know the likely first month

Nintendo was scheduled to internally postpone the Nintendo Switch 2 premiere. Previous reports indicated that the equipment will be on the market in 2024, and at the same time other sources confirm that the manufacturer will adjust its current plans.

We reported last week that the latest Japanese console will only appear at the beginning of 2025. 5 independent sources and people from two development teams said that the device will only be available next year.

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The situation was studied by journalists from Bloomberg, who noted that Nintendo Switch 2 will not debut in 2024. The editors confirm that the first demonstration of the equipment will take place “as soon as possible” in March 2025. Which might suggest so The industry giant will want to make the console available only at the end of the next financial year (until March 31, 2025).

According to rumours Nintendo has decided to postpone Nintendo Switch 2 in order to provide the strongest possible lineup of first-party titles for the premiere.

However, the Japanese may have big problems as they have not yet shared specific plans for the second half of the year – in fact, so far we have only seen the announcement of one new game (Princess Peach: Showtime!) and two updated projects (another icon: Recollectio and Mario vs. Donkey Kong), while the coming months will bring us two additional versions (Luigi's Mansion 2 HD and Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door).

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