The 2022 Dying Light 2 shoes were no surprise to me

Gaming is less and less fuss, because it wasn’t healthy for me. As I watched more productions, I often couldn’t stand even a few weeks without other material featuring the gameplay, new mechanics, plot framework or new products the creators introduced. The excitement that precedes the premiere often translates into subtle bugs that people with a neutral attitude toward a particular series notice in the blink of an eye. Once we have the desired title, we want to enjoy it to the fullest, regardless of bugs. The hype isn’t “dangerous,” but it’s worth the limit. I recently did this for the Dying Light 2 Stay Human issue, and the announcement, which was announced a few years ago, pleased me so much. But let’s start from the beginning…

The first dying light was amazing

I have fond memories of the first part of the Techland brand – it’s mainly about the refined co-op mode – so I see its full continuation for the first time and hear that it will offer a four times bigger world, choices that affect the fate of the heroes, and most importantly, co-op that manages to have fun together from the minute The first of the game, I got in the car with ‘Noise Train’ written on it and I had no intention of leaving it. Excitement increased at the sight of the provisional release date, which was due to take place in Spring 2020.

The material promoting Dying Light 2 was at a very high level. The presented world, the new parkour possibilities, or the exploration itself looked very good and the only thing I didn’t like (anyway, keep my opinion about this system until today) was fighting the hungry bandits/zombies. The character’s movements look too harsh, and the opponents are too heavy and waiting for their turn (they don’t join the fight until their comrade dies). This last element haunts most of the big games and I doubt the developers will be able to improve it in the near future.

Unfortunately, at the beginning of 2020, we received information that Dying Light 2 would not debut on time (that is, in the spring of 2020), and the premiere was postponed indefinitely. It wasn’t really known if productions from Team Wrocław would ever hit the market in 2020, which means I’m out of the aforementioned “hype train” and every subsequent bit of information magically flows into me like water on a duck. I don’t have much to announce about the games so early on, after all, the continued interest in the brand has to be maintained somehow, but I hate announcing the release date just so fans don’t complain about the lack of it. This is what the developers who developed DL2, because delaying the game for two years is not – in my opinion – a normal phenomenon.

Too early

We arrived in the middle of 2020, when Tymon Smektaa, one of the most important people in attendance at the production discussed today, decided – I confirm, in the middle of 2020 – that Techland’s latest project is in the “final in a row”:

Techland employs an entire team to determine and announce the game’s release date and all accompanying information. I know they want to surprise the guys, so I won’t say anything so as not to spoil the fun. The only thing I can say is that you trust us – this is the last phase of the project and we need your support!

This information gave great hopes for the game to debut in the third or last quarter of 2020, but as we see, we are about to reach the last quarter of 2021, we will have the opportunity to play Far Cry 6, Battlefield 2042 or Halo Infinite and DL2 if not It is not, it is not.

Caution won’t hurt

Lest we get it wrong – I’m not mad at Techland for the delay in release, after all, their production has a great chance of conquering not only the Polish game market, but also the global game market, so it should be in perfect condition. None of us want to muddle through the mud of the second largest home studio, as was the case with CD Projekt RED and their unsuccessful versions of Cyberpunk 2077 for the previous generation consoles – PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

However, I can’t understand why players are given hopes of the game’s debut. How should a full continuation of the 2015 hit look at the beginning of 2020, that it was decided to hand it over to the players in less than two years, and maybe even later, if everything did not go according to Techland’s plan. I was skeptical about the next date, ie December 2021, and I was not disappointed. The premiere in 2022 is certain (otherwise most interested people may begin to pass by the project indifferently), but I will not give up because it will take place on February 4.

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