Dying Light 2: The first story DLC in production;  Techland focuses on non-traditional
March 24, 2022, 20:29

The first Dying Light 2 story DLC is being developed and we should receive it as planned. when? What threads will you take? Lead designer Tymon Smektaa answered these and other questions about the game’s future.

chief designer death light 2Tymon Smektaa, gave intense intelligence Detective game. In addition to mentioning the game’s difficult and time-consuming production, the Polish developer pointed out its near and distant future. From his words it seems that Techland studio intends to provide new content regularly. maybe i promised Five hundred hours of gameplay – although it relates to the “bearer” itself – it wouldn’t be an empty phrase.

death light 2 It’s not a perfect game, but it was a warm welcome. What did Techland do best? You will learn it from our texts:

New game plus picture mode and higher difficulty levels

Interestingly enough, quite a few players were getting pretty close to that number just a few days after the premiere death light 2. Not only did they finish the title, they spent 100, 200 or even 300 hours on the streets of Villedor – and asked for new content. First, they wanted a new game mode as well as a picture mode and higher difficulty levels. Tymon Smektaa confirmed it Each of these items is currently on the crafting table and will ‘soon’ be operational in some form.

The picture was supposed to be put in death light 2 Already for the first show, but the developer it’s off Add it to focus on getting players to start playing as smoothly as possible – which we already did.

DLC story for Dying Light 2 – When?

However, we are talking about real “hardcore” players. What about the rest of society, and perhaps most of it? A few weeks before the premiere of Techland confirmedHe will support his new game for at least five years – with additional story content, events, locations, or additional items. But when do we expect new content? It turned out sooner than we could have imagined.

Tymon Smektaa’s lyrics show that in the first year after the premiere, the studio will focus on developing the game’s online mode and creating new single-player content – not just hardcore gameplay (see: added as part of recent Update special parkour challenges), but also fantasy challenges. What is more, They must be so diverse and amazing that the Polish developer compared them to a box of chocolates in which everyone will find something for themselves.

We don’t want to run into a scheme that lets players know what to expect from us. Take, for example, the first story DLC we were promised – I’ve seen a lot of speculation on the internet about it and can say with complete conviction… none of them are even close to what we promise.

It is worth adding this as of March 16, 2022, in digital stores – for example in steam or in Epic Games Store – can be purchased luxury upgrade (79.99 PLN) Final upgrade (149.99 PLN) up to death light 2. Both contain items that can be used in the game and digital goods such as comics. However, what is particularly noticeable in their description is the “access to downloadable content for the story, which will be released a few months after the premiere”. when Exactly? Published in January 2022 Production development plan Shows that the The first expansion pack should be released in June.

The first story DLC for Dying Light 2 is in production;  Techland Focuses on Unconventional - Illustration #1

Source: Techland.

Closing threads from the end of the match

The above guesses, of course, relate to the development of some threads from the later stages of the game, which – regardless of the players’ choices – ended in a somewhat mysterious way. Concluding DLCs will be released, but later – in the first place, the developer intends to release an expansion of the story (extension?), Which takes place in parallel with the main story.

We have some ideas. On paper, it looks very promising, but implementing it will be quite a challenge. […] We can’t wait for them to fall into the hands of the players, […] Because some of them are really unconventional concepts.

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