Sopot.  In Zatoka Sztuki, investigators dig and sift through sand.  “The Truth”: Wales will be examined by a famous diver

Investigative activities at the former Zatoka Sztuki building in Sopot began on Wednesday afternoon. According to the portal, the police checked the vicinity with a geological scanner. The tracking dog was also present.

The excavator participated in digging the perimeter of the building, and the excavated soil was sifted using a special sieve. A ‘fact’ indicates that the beach – which the building overlooks – has been dug in in several places, boards have been torn from the terrace, and the place where the pool used to be was scrutinized.

More content can be found on the homepage >>> also reported that on Thursday two people appeared in overalls They entered a well dug on the shore. According to “The Truth”, famous diver Marcel Corco, Guinness World Record holder for high-altitude diving, who has repeatedly contributed to finding dead bodies in water tanks, was brought to the site.

Previously, the police had allowed camera investigations into septic rooms.

New theme for evening parties? Police check wells in the former Zatoka Sztuki

Officially, the investigators do not want to admit what the activities in the former Zatoka Sztuki are connected with. It is known that it is being implemented on behalf of the Kraków Chamber of the National Prosecutor’s Office. According to unofficial reports, it is related to the investigation into the disappearance Iona Wichorek.

Iphone evening She disappeared on the night of 16/17 July 2010. Zatoka Szetoke was not present at the time. Her partner was later the owner of the club Wieczorek used to play at before she disappeared.

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Karnowski on Gowin: He made an honorable exit. This is a laudable example in politics

Investigate the disappearance of Iona Wichorek

Zatoka Sztuki became famous when sexual crimes allegedly taking place in the cabaret came to light. Since January 2019, the trial of Christian W. , also known as “Kristik”, who is accused of 65 crimes.

Former Zatoka Sztuki buildingPolice dig up the beach at Zatoka Sztuki. Is it related to the case of Iona Wichorek?

On December 14, 2022, by order of the Krakow Prosecutor’s Office, V. was arrested Gdansk Pawe P., who was with Iwona Wieczorek the night of her disappearance, and his partner Joanna S. two days later prosecutor They accused them of drug crimes.

In addition, the attorney general’s office said, “In addition, Bowie B.

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