The Gdansk refinery is under special protection – there is a decree.  In the background, he will sell the stake in Saudi Aramco

Pursuant to the appendix of the Regulations on the List of Protected Entities and their Competent Supervisory Authorities, the Entity List has been extended from 13 to 15 items. has been added to it Gdansk refinery and Unimot Corporation. The regulation signed by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki will enter into force on January 1, 2023.

BI: Removal of Rafineria Gdańska’s supervisory board member

Gdansk refinery under protection. Saudi Aramco bought its shares

The Ministry of State Assets announced last week that the Gdańsk refinery will be included in the list of entities under special protection. If the refinery is included in the list, the Minister of State Assets will be the controlling authority and it will be he who will decide to block the sale to the investor if the authorities deem it undesirable.

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The listing of the refinery is related to the sale of part of its shares to the Saudis. interest PKN Orlen She sold 30 percent as part of the merger with Lotos shares in Rafineria Gdańska Aramco Saudi Arabiawhile Unimot purchased logistical assets, including fuel depots lotus.

Daniel Obagetek“Wyborcza” reveals the behind-the-scenes of signing the Lotos sales contract

Gdansk refinery in danger? The head of the PKK Orlen, Daniel Obajtik, rejects the allegations

For several weeks, controversial details have been published in the media regarding the sale of Rafiniria Gdańska to the Saudis as part of the merger between Orlin and Lotus. In mid-December, TVN24 journalists Łukasz Frątczak and Dariusz Kubik from “Black and White” presented documents that are supposed to be a draft agreement between PKN Orlen and Saudi Aramco..

The documents in question raise suspicions, among other things: a clause that would give the right to uncontrolled disposal of shares in Rafineria Gdańska. TVN24 journalists also noted this, referring to the documents they disclosed Orlin It will not take any action listed in a separate appendix if Aramco Saudi Arabia veto. In addition, PKN Orlen will pay Saudi Aramco a contractual penalty of 500 million USD if it materially breaches the contract for the supply of Saudi oil to Poland.

Daniel ObagetekDaniel Obajtek confronted these allegations and TVN journalists

Referring to the aforementioned cases, Orlin President Daniel Opajtec said the allegations against the contract with Saudi Aramco are scandalous and undermine the credibility of the Polish state. In his opinion, criticism based on fragmentary information in the form of leaked contracts threatens Poland’s security.

– All contracts were concluded as a result of a process involving hundreds of specialists from the law firm polishing And international – said Obajtek. The Orlen president emphasized that internationally respected consulting firms worked on the merger, and that the agreements concluded were in line with global standards. He emphasized that there was no risk of Saudi Aramco making an unsupervised sale of shares in Rafineria Gdańska.

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Is selling the lotus wrong? We ask the former president of Lutos, Pawe Olitknowicz

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