January 28, 2023


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Sony PlayStation sued for £5 billion over 'expensive games'.  The lawyer announces the end of the match

Sony PlayStation sued for £5 billion over ‘expensive games’. The lawyer announces the end of the match

In the coming months, we may witness unprecedented and very interesting behavior. Alex Neal has filed a class-action lawsuit against Sony PlayStation and accused the company of committing “thefts” by charging a large commission on purchases from the PlayStation Store.

Britain’s Sky News made interesting news – Sony PlayStation has been sued for a staggering £5 billion, allegedly for violating consumer rights by abusing its market power and imposing “unfair terms on game developers and publishers”. How do we read in the lawsuit, The company is “shredding people”, charging a whopping 30% commission on every digital game and all purchases of additional content made through the PlayStation Store.

The document was filed Friday at the Competition Court of Appeals. As noted by the professionals working together on the lawsuit, Any UK customer of Sony who has purchased digital games or add-ons through the PlayStation Store since August 19, 2016 and has potential for compensation will be sued. The estimated amount can range from £67 to £562 without interest.

Game over for Sony Playstation. Through this legal process, I am defending the millions of Britons who have been inadvertently burdened with exorbitant costs. “We believe Sony abused its position and looted its customers,” commented Alex Neal, an attorney who specializes in consumer law.

The lawyer pays special attention to changing living conditions and increasing the cost of living. In the current reality, when for many Britons gaming is not only a form of entertainment, but also a form of communication with others, Sony earns an extra million.

“Gaming is currently the UK’s largest entertainment industry, ahead of TV, video and music, and many people are looking for community and connection in gaming. Sony’s actions are costing millions of people who cannot afford it, especially when we are in the midst of a cost-of-living crisis and the consumer wallet is as empty as it used to be. Always “.

This is confirmed by Natasha Berman, Neil’s partner in the case Sony has used an anti-consumer strategy for years.

“Sony dominates the digital distribution of games and add-ons on PlayStation and has adopted an anti-competitive strategy that has resulted in exorbitant prices for customers that do not quite match Sony’s service costs.”

This initiative is funded by Woodsford, a dedicated team of experts in litigation and arbitration that invests in large commercial litigation.

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