April 1, 2023


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Opozoda and Frost have a relationship? The actress looks like a million bucks. Did Remigiusz Mróz succumb to this charm? the pictures

Opozoda and Frost together? Rumors about the relationship between 34-year-old Joanna Obozda and 36-year-old writer Remigius Mroz started with the IMPEC PASTELERS party that was organized at the beginning of February. And what happened there caused such a flurry of speculation?

During the ceremony, gossip media indicated that Remigusz enthusiastically greeted Joanna Obosda. And so it began…. They were clearly feeling good in each other’s company, Obuzuda seemed to be staring at the writer “as in a picture”. Was the feeling between them blooming? There is no official information about this at the moment. Furthermore, none of these rumors conflict.

And what about the fans? They wished her happiness and noted that after the scandalous relationship with Antek Królikowski, the actress would need someone like Remigiusz …

And who is Frost? Remigiusz Mróz is the author of more than 50 books. The 36-year-old is not only famous for his crime stories but also for his witty comments on social media. Some time ago, the writer was linked to an equally famous sensationalist, Katarzyna Ponda.

Here is Johanna, Krzysztof’s younger wife, twenty-seven years her junior. Third…

We would like to remind you that Joanna Opozoda had unpleasant experiences with Antek Królikowski. The couple got married, after which the bride soon became pregnant. Shortly before giving birth, she separated from her new husband.

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