Usyek won again with Joshua and defended the heavyweight belts championship

Oleksandr Usyk defeated Anthony Joshua by a split decision of the judges and defended the WBO, IBF, WBA and IBO Heavyweight Championship belts. The Ukrainian remains undefeated in the professional rings.

Anthony Joshua And the Oleksandr Usyk This was the second time they met in the ring. The Ukrainian won the previous match unexpectedly. During the ceremony in London, he won by unanimous decision of the judges and took all the heavyweight championship belts from the Briton. Joshua was guaranteed to have a rematch on the contract. At that, he was defeated again.

Joshua vs USIC 2: The outcome of the fight. who won?

But in this battle, Joshua performed much better than before. He was very focused from the start and was looking for punches to the body. And with the passage of time, Usik began to develop and stretched above the Briton mainly in terms of speed.

Joshua had major problems building the fixtures. After one good hit, he stopped often. He was afraid to take risks. At Kockówce, he himself realized that in order to win, he had to look for the knockout punch. However, he no longer had the strength to do so. In the end, the judges decided the outcome of the fight. These scored 115: 113 for Joshua, 115: 113 for Osica and 116: 112 for Osica.

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