Xbox Game Pass with 7 games from Humble Games.  The company will present products on the days of the premiere

Humble Games has confirmed the continuation of the collaboration with Microsoft, under which the publishers’ games will appear for the first time on Xbox Game Pass. The latest trailer shows seven productions, but one show has recently made its way into the service’s catalog.

Already in 2021, Humble Games announced their desire to put their games on Xbox Game Pass and it seems that the publisher is praising the collaboration with the American giant, because another trailer has just been presented, confirming that the upcoming products will go to the service.

Humble Games makes it clear that they want to offer their titles during premiere days, so in that case players don’t have to think about purchasing items — after all, they’ll be available as part of a subscription.

The publisher mentions the release of seven games, but it’s certainly worth noting that Midnight Fight Express hit the market and thus the service this week. We can suspect that the trailer was prepared earlier, so it included the production of Jakub Dzwinel.

Xbox Game Pass with 7 games from Humble Games

  • Moonscars (27/09 – XSX | S, XOne, PS5, PS4, Switch, PC)
  • Signalis (27.10 – XOne, PS4, Switch, PC)
  • Prodeus (Early Access November 2020, Coming December 2022 – PC)
  • Ghost Song (December 2022 – PC)
  • Infinite Guitars (December 2022 – PC)
  • Coral Island (Early Access October 2022 – PC)

As you can see, Humble Games is expanding its catalog by offering several products, and at the same time the publisher is eager to bring games to Xbox Game Pass.

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