CoD: Warzone has found a labor union, unlike Activision's efforts
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January 22 2022, 08:10

Weeks after the strike, a group of testers from Raven Software began the process of creating a labor union. If they are successful, it will be the first such organization to be set up by a major American game publisher.

Quick overview:

  1. Weeks after the strike, a group of Raven software testers began the process of creating a labor union,
  2. Demands voluntary recognition by Activision Blizzard,
  3. If this is not done, a vote will be organized and if half of the employees participating in the voting are in favor of creating a union, the publisher will be forced to recognize it,
  4. This relationship will be the first with a major American game publisher and the second only in the industry in the United States.

Activision Blizzard announced by Microsoft It became the biggest event of January in the gaming industry. The echoes weren’t silent either scandals regarding cases of sexual assault and harassment. So it was easy to forget about it Overwhelmed by all these events Strike is underway Employees at Raven Software. Now the conflict between developers and publishers has entered a new stage, when a group of them began to create a trade union.

Let us remind you that the drop that filled the wave of bitterness for Raven Software employees was Many people were dismissed in the QC department. Worse, it happened months after they promised to raise their salaries. The developers who remained in the studio started a protest when they found the publisher’s decision absurd. The team is currently mainly in development Call of Duty: War Zonesupposed to be born $5.2 million in revenue per daySo getting rid of QA members was weird.


rdo: Twitter.

He has been hitting dozens of team members since early December. Activision Blizzard responded not only to their demands, but also to the protesters The company was also supposed to intimidate and spy on them. In addition, specialists were hired to torpedo the process of forming trade unions.

This did not discourage the developers, and 34 of them, all from the QC department, created a labor union called the Game Workers Alliance, which would join the largest employee organization in the US Communications Workers of America. Activision Blizzard was asked to voluntarily recognize the creation of a guild in its ranks. If it does not, employees will proceed with the procedures set forth in US labor law. As part of it, a vote will be held, and if the majority of its participants choose to create a trade union, the publisher will be forced to recognize it.

It could be a historical event. If officially recognized, the Game Workers Alliance would be the first labor union to be established with a publisher listed in the United States. Moreover, it will be the second guild overall in the game industry in the USA The first of them is in the video studio, It will only be established in December of last year. In this case, the management did not bother the employees and voluntarily accepted the formation of the union.

  1. Activision Blizzard official website
  2. Guide for Call of Duty Warzone

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