June 9, 2023


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Android phones will be tracked by Google even if they are turned off

Will Google soon bring a long-awaited feature to Android? This will finally allow us to locate a locked device!

device owners with android They have always envied a single gardener. It’s about Apple find my advantagewhich allows us to locate a lost smartphone, headphones or watch.

Of course, Google also offers such a service – but not in an advanced version like Apple’s. In the case of Android, we don’t have the option Location of broken devicesor those that are out of reach of the Internet – this can cause a lot of trouble.

This, however, may soon change.

Pole reports that Android will see the location of the malfunctioning smartphone

Already at the end of last year, the giant from Mountain View announced that the job Find my device Soon it will allow us to track lost Android phones even without internet access.

We haven’t received it yet, but leaker Kuba Wojciechowski reports that Google is also working on a job It will also find a broken device. Thus, the giant would finally match Apple.

However, there is great concern that the functionality will only be limited to smartphones made by Google. Why? The function has now received a name Pixel Power Out Finder.

To introduce the new solution, Google plans to create a massive network of Android devices that will allow the lost device to communicate with other devices via Bluetooth and transmit its location. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for the novelty to appear in the coming weeks!