Someone beat Aouranth.  Her “games” for men ended up in a strange way

In early July, one of the top Twitch and Kick streamers at the same time, Aouranth, released a line of games for guys.

In no way was such a move by Amouranth surprising or startling. Signs have even sold bathing water in the past. However, someone came up with the idea to somehow outdo Amouranth and make good profits at the same time.

“Amouranth Assistant” sold out very quickly. Suspiciously fast. So much so that the streamers themselves were very amazed at the whole situation.

Now we know what it was

As the media dealing with Twitch has pointed out, among other things, someone showed a lot of cunning here. The Assistant retails for $90. Now you can buy it for … $ 399 on an external site, namely on eBay.

So it looks like someone with a big budget bought everything and decided to sell it at an inflated price.

What’s even better, there are plenty of people willing to pay $399, which is PLN 1,616. Now the question arises of who cheated from here. Amoranth either underestimated people, or someone figured out that her viewers would buy everything related to her, regardless of the final price.

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