Lenovo Legion Go will be the “most powerful” laptop.  Pricing, specifications and release date have leaked

WindowsReport editors have reached the definitive info on the Lenovo Legion Go. The Steam Deck and Asus ROG Ally competitor may hit the market with a high price tag, but the concept adopted seems… too surprising.

Lenovo has not yet revealed the device, but there are many indications that the manufacturer is preparing for the presentation. Lenovo Legion Go will be officially shown on September 1, and in October there will be a hardware premiere.

Lenovo Legion Go will cost €799 / $799. For example, in Poland, the device is likely to be available for more than PLN 3,500. That’s quite a lot, but in this case the company should have taken care of the “impressive” specifications.

Windows report It is mentioned that if nothing changes, Lenovo is expected to come to IFA 2023 with “the most powerful console to date, with features and specifications that outpace the competition” – the journalists mention the “console”, but it will of course be a laptop.

We have received the document from an anonymous informant. It contains nine pages of the official press release, which will be published on September 1 in various media outlets. We have not received such a document from Lenovo itself. It also includes a special link to a video posted on YouTube with a full product demo, but we have chosen not to make it publicly available.

The editors have obtained a press release in it Full specs confirmed:

However, this is not the end of the curiosity, because Lenovo Legion Go will receive a number of various accessories, among which are the Lenovo Legion AR glasses, that is, the glasses on which we will flip the game screen – these are the hardware specifications:

Lenovo Legion Go #2

Lenovo will also be working on the Lenovo Legion E510 7.1 RGB earphones, which will provide 7.1 surround sound. According to the manufacturer, the 10mm drivers will provide, among other things, a powerful sound.

Lenovo Legion Go #3

It is definitely worth clarifying that the Lenovo Legion Go will hit the market without the Lenovo Legion AR and Lenovo Legion E510 7.1 RGB glasses, and gamers will simply be able to purchase additional equipment.

Lenovo Legion Go customers will also get a code for 3 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Lenovo Legion Go #4

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