slag.  Ruthless master from Lublin.  Włókniarz was edged out in the semi-final

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Platinum Motor did not give Tauron Włókniarz Częstochowa a chance in the first and second matches of the PGE Ekstraliga semi-final. On the way to their third straight final, the Lubliners dealt with a helpless opponent, defeating them in a rematch with a score of 58:32.

The result of the first match in the two-legged PGE Ekstraliga semi-final “killed” the emotions and means that only exceptional optimists can expect a fierce battle to qualify for the final. In the return match, nothing of the kind happened, although the Czestochowa team tried to bite the opponent at first. Knowing that he still had to fight for the bronze medal, he knew it was worth trying to rebuild himself and approach the upcoming competition for a place on the podium with a slightly different attitude.

In the first series, it was worth appreciating the attitude of the guests, who were brave and did not allow themselves to be oppressed as was the case on their home turf. However, when the score was 10:8 in favor of Platinum Motor, his first strike came. Maxim Drabek did not stop Dominik Kubra and Mateusz Cerniak, who returned to the track after injury. This was the reaction of the Leblanc team to the ciphers picked up by Frederik Lindgren and another convalescing person – Jack Holder.

A minute-long break and instrument adjustments were enough for the Australian and Swede to warm up the crowd. The first won the fifth race without a doubt, and the second passed Kacper Woryna and Drabik at the finish line. Everything returned to normal, because although Bartosz Zmarzlik was defeated by Jakub Miskowiak, in the same race Bartosz Banpor had no mercy on Mikkel Michelsen. The goat after seven drove quietly, because 26:16.

Round eight was a showcase for Cerniak, who found enough space on the first lap to get between Woryna and Drabik and join the unthreatening Zmarzlik. However, the former managed to overtake the world junior individual champion and save Włókniarz from defeat 1:5. Of course, this changed nothing in the context of the two-legged tie, because in Lublin there was already a countdown to securing a place in the final for the third season in a row.

Mathematically, everything became clear after the ninth sun race on Sunday afternoon (34:20). The high disposition was confirmed by the Cobra which was ahead on the first lap of Michelsen. Jaroslav Humble, who played in the 70th match for Motor, was also effective and showed his courage even at the fourth attempt. Simply put – it was difficult to hold on to any of the home team’s players.

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Once again this season, the Lubliners have presented themselves very well and at the same time evenly. The Holder-Lindgren duo easily defeated Leon Madsen at the end of the third series, after which the advantage of the defending champions was the same as at the end of the competition in Czestochowa (39:21). It was another very convincing victory at home and there was no doubt that Motor would win their 10th match in a row.

The longer the match went on, the more difficult it became to point to a single locomotive in the Włókniarz camp. Michelsen never won, only Madsen did it once. Miśkowiak had good competition, was the only one who started well and was quite specific on the field. However, Drabek was a complete disappointment, as he bears no resemblance to the player who has been a solid foundation for Motors in 2022.

After thirteen races, the team of Maciej Kuciapa and Jacek Ziółkowski had an advantage of up to 24 points (51:27). It was so intense that Holder was the first and only one to win, starting from second place. On the other hand, the helpless Lions did not achieve a single victory for one team. In the end, they did not score a single goal in Lublin, stopping their modest tally at 32 points. In the first leg, the difference reached 44 points, which means that Motor set a record in the history of the highest level of the league in the semi-finals.


Platinum Motor Lublin – 58
9. Yaroslav Hampel – 8+1 (3,2,1,2*,-)
10. Dominic Kobra – 7+1 (3,1*,3,0)
11. Frederick Lindgren – 10+2 (0,2*,2*,3,3)
12. jack holder – 9 (0,3,3,3,-)
13. Bartosz Zmartzlik – 14 (3,2,3,3,3)
14. Mateusz Cernyak – 7+1 (3,2*,1,1)
15. Bartosh Banpur – 3+1 (1,1*,1,0)

Torun Fluknyarz Czestochowa – 32
1. Mikkel Michelsen – 7 (2,0,2,1,2)
2. Jacob Miskowiak – 9 (2,3,0,2,2)
3. Casper and Reina – 5+3 (1*,0,2,1*,1*)
4. Maxim Drabik – 2 (1,1,0,-)
5. Leon Madsen – 7+1 (1*,3,1,0,2,0)
6. Franciszek Karczewski – 2 (2,0,0)
7. Kasper Halkiewicz – 0 (0,0,0)
8. Cajetan Kopec – ns

run by run:
1. (67.76) Humble, Michelsen, Warina, Lindgren – 3:3 – (3:3)
2. (67.89) Cerniak, Karczewski, Banbour, Halkiewicz – 4:2 – (7:5)
3. (67.78) Zamarzlik, Miskowiak, Madsen, Holder – 3:3 – (10:8)
4. (67.91) Cobra, Cerniac, Drabik, Karczewski – 5:1 – (15:9)
5. (67.83) Holder, Lindgren, Drabek, Lorena – 5:1 – (20:10)
6. (68.35) Mishkoviak, Zamarzlik, Panbur, Michelsen – 3:3 – (23:13)
7. (67.79) Madsen, Humble, Cobra, Halkiewicz – 3:3 – (26:16)
8. (68.85) Zamarzlik, Warina, Cerniac, Drabik – 2:4 – (18:30)
9. (67.74) Cobra, Michelsen, Humble, Miskoviak – 2:4 – (34:20)
10. (67.94) Holder, Lindgren, Madsen, Karczewski – 5:1 – (39:21)
11. (67.73) Holder, Humble, Michelsen, Madsen – 5:1 – (44:22)
12. (67,54) Lindgren, Miskowiak, Babor, Halkiewicz – 4:2 – (48:24)
13. (68,13) Zmarzlik, Madsen, Warina, Cobra – 3:3 – (51:27)
14. (67.98) Lindgren, Michelsen, Warina, Banpur – 3:3 – (54:30)
15. (67.59) Zmarzlik, Miskoviak, Cerniak, Madsen – 4:2 – (58:32)

Judge: Arcadius Kalwasinski
Path delegate: Leather massage
Starter Pack: secondly
repetition: About 9,200 spectators
Noncommunicable diseases: 67.54 seconds – achieved by Fredrik Lindgren (engine) in heat 12.
Binary result: 112:68 for an engine that qualified for the final.

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