There is another test result by Clemence Muraki.  killer lights

Before the court session on Saturday in Nizhny Tagil, it turned out Clemence Moraca He has a positive test for COVID-19. His performance on Saturday was disqualified, and worst of all, there was no chance to see him on Sunday. The Russians wanted Morashka to have two consequences Negative, so he can qualify for the second contest. It was impossible consequences They came very early. The only question now is when will he be able to leave Moraka Russia.

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New season, new hopes. “Kobaki can do everything. It might be his winter.”

There is another test result by Murańka

like he said Michel DolyalAnother Murańka test was sent to three laboratories. TVP journalist Philip Czezanowski said that the result of the first laboratory had already arrived. This is not good news. “Unofficial: the Klimek Murańka test is already here. Positive. We are waiting for two more testers among others” – the journalist wrote.

Michel Doyal evaluated the performance of the Poles in Niżny Tagil. “it’s hard to explain”

Polish representation Two more results are awaited by Murańka, but they will also be tested themselves. As journalist Dominik Formela stated, “Moraka and one of the German employees are suffering from overheating, so the Russians ordered additional tests for Polish and German representationHe added, “The tests were to take place on Sunday

This means that the Polish team can spend more time in Russia than planned. Michel Doyal revealed that the Poles will head to Kuusamo on Wednesday. If it turns out that there are more infections in addition to Murańka, the patients will have to stay in Russia until they test negative again.

The start of the season in Ninem Tagil So he is very unsuccessful for the Polish team. In addition to the coronavirus problems, Polish jumpers have a form problem at the moment. In Sunday’s competition, Kamel Stoch couldn’t even get into the second Series Competition. exactly like Daoud Kobaki. In the final, we can only watch Peter y (16th place) and Andrzej Stękała (30th place). It was the worst competition during Michai Dolial’s tenure.

Adam Małysz unequivocally summed up the performance of the Poles. Adam Małysz unequivocally summed up the performance of the Poles. “They are withdrawing”

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